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» SuperCounter

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: A simple counter. Tap the screen to count...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 10, 2009
Found under: Tools, counter, count

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» SuperCounter Description
SuperCounter 1.0 SuperCounter is a small application created to help you keep in mind the numbers you are counting. At work I often have to count people, at busses etc. and when I'm counting and they are talking and asking me questions it's easy to lose the numbers. With supercounter it's easy. Just tap the screen and the phone helps you count. Easy.... You can reset the counter at anytime and you can turn of your phone and continue the counting the next day.... It saves the numbers.... Instructions: - Tap Green button to count. - Tap Red button to reset. - Tap Help to show Information.

the SuperCounter free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-30-Jun at 5:14 am
torsten wrote...
it seems im to stupid to get the download
Wed-30-Jun at 4:19 am
torsten wrote...
nice tool
Thu-12-Nov at 6:08 am
themerchman wrote...
hey man... I have been looking for a counter like this but with multiple counters... I sell merch for a band and there is an app for the iphone called merch moblie similar to your program but allows you to label each of your counters. man not only do I need it but there is a lot of people in my biz that say they need a program like this.... but keep up the good work
Wed-11-Nov at 11:17 am
Riotwarrior wrote...
Looks interesting, I have wanted a counter program for quite sometime. Are you able to make it count both up and down? Say for a security person counting people into and out of a location? And ya a reset warning or perhaps having to switch to a different page so to speak for a full reset.
Wed-11-Nov at 4:14 am
blafot wrote...
Hi. Good feedback. Going to work on new version with prompt, new buttons and some special buttons (doubble up etc). Will try to make a buzzer to...
Tue-10-Nov at 11:20 pm
manu d parakkal wrote...
good one but it should have a buzzer (sound) while we are counting (pressing the button it beeing a touch screen we cnt feel if we had pressed it or not.As told ealier it should have prompt before resetting the counter
Tue-10-Nov at 5:27 pm
akatrene wrote...
I've been looking for a counter program, thx. Suggestion ... can you include a prompt before resetting counter? Or at least move buttons, green on top and red on bottom. Just to avoid accidentally resetting it.
Tue-10-Nov at 1:52 pm
small hint: wrote...
add a feature to manually set the amount counted on every button press. i want count boxes, i know about, that they do contain 23 pieces. So every green button press counts 23. (23, 46, 69.....) that would be good.
Tue-10-Nov at 6:58 am
hot wrote...
dang hit the red button again lol

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