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Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Graphical task-switcher that shows all running programs as snapshots (XPeria like feeling)

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Feb 3, 2020
Found under: Utilites, Task Managers, visual, task, switch, xperia

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» TASK FACADE Description
Best Windows Mobile Free Misc App 2009 Updated version 4.0 ready for download

Graphical task-switcher that shows all running programs as snapshots (Vista-style)

Changes in this version
- Complete theming
- All types of transparency, incl. alpha-blending
- New themes: see screenshots
- Smartphone, WM5 and WM6
- Speed heavily optimized

Task Facade is a vista-style graphical task-manager that shows all running programs tiled on one screen. Runs on any WM version and any resolutions.

Just map it to some button, then reboot.

REQUIRE .NET Compact Framework 3.5

For more information and updates please follow this forum post

Video Preview of Task Facade

the TASK FACADE free for Pocket PC

Made by: gps-lover

» Comments

Mon-27-Feb at 4:30 pm
Kacper wrote...
Wow great app
Thu-29-Sep at 9:27 pm
Charles Mbakwe wrote...
Excellent app. Works like a dream on my HD2. Easily filter out unwanted snap shots so they don't appear amongst running apps. And works perfectly in landscape too!!
Wed-17-Aug at 4:35 pm
ovidiu g wrote...
hide=reject, other than that it works as it should
Fri-22-Apr at 3:30 pm
Dennis Wenger wrote...
very nice!
Wed-16-Mar at 1:50 pm
Mike wrote...
no need for the name callin jus move to the next app
Tue-25-Jan at 10:15 pm
Jamie wrote...
windows has this already. its called task switcher and maneger. dumbass
Mon-20-Dec at 12:59 pm
monteiro wrote...
Couldnt be simpler and more effective. Extremelly useful on WM6.5
Sat-18-Dec at 2:46 pm
vittorio wrote...
awesome application, works great on the samsung i900 omnia
Thu-2-Sep at 12:31 pm
mark wrote...
Fri-27-Aug at 5:56 pm
KimN wrote...
Very nice app. Mapped to my camera button on ipaq 614c. Works flawlessly.

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