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» Task Manager

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Task manager application for windows mobile pocket pc

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jul 7, 2008
Found under: task manager, task, utilities

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» Task Manager Description
The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. The name is maybe not appropriated anymore because of all the stuff it provides now. But at the beginning it was just made to manage all running processes as the Task Manager does in Windows on a normal pc.

Task manager application for windows mobile pocket pc Task manager application for windows mobile pocket pc


Each application tab can be disabled (if the application is not needed) from the Tabs and Buttons settings window

- Process manager
- CPU usage
- Application Manager
- Service Manager
- Device Manager (only WM2005 and above)
- Windows Manager
- Notification Manager
- IP Config utility
- Ping utility
- Net Stats utility
- Registry Editor
- Run program utility

Process manager:

- Allows to stop or kill a given process.
- Can activate the process if it has a window
- Can see details of a process (via context menu)

- modules (see exported functions)
- threads (can kill threads, change priority)
- windows (details, messages,...)
CPU usage:

- Shows CPU usage of each process.
- Can close a process

Application Manager:

- Activate an application
- Close an application
- Close all applications
- Can see details of an application (via context menu)

Service Manager:

- Start/Stop service
- Set automatic or manual
- Enable/Disable
- Find service settings in registry

Device Manager: (only in WM2005 and above)

- Start/Stop device
- Set automatic or manual
- Find device settings in registry

Windows Manager:

- Shows a tree containing all existing windows
- Find a specific window via handle/title or class
- Highlight window if visible
- Activate, enable/disable, show/hide, close
- properties of a window (rectangles, styles, process,...)
- messages (v2.8)

Notification manager:

- Shows the list of existing notifications
- Add/remove edit a notification
- remove duplicates and SCRIPT events
- enable/disable notifications

IP Config utility:

- IPConfig, IPConfig/all
- Renew/release, renew all/release all

Ping utility:

- ping ip address or hostname (w/o dns resolution)

Net Stats:

- Shows UDP/TCP table(w/o dns resolution)
- Shows IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP Stats
- Route table (w/o dns resolution)

Registry editor:

- full registry edition capability
- import/export reg files (import Win2k and WinNT formats)
- favorites
- registry search functionality (returns all occurences found)
- cut/copy/paste functionalities

Run program utility:

- Allows to launch a program, a file or an url like in windows
- can add a file parameter and extra parameters

Command line parameters:

/cpuusage: begins with CPU Usage
/regedit: begins with the Registry Editor (a shortcut can be directly created from the options menu)
/windows: begins with the Windows Tab
/apps: begins with the Applications Tab
/ping: begins with the Ping Tab
/ipconfig: begins with the IPConfig Tab
/netstats: begins with the NetStats Tab
/services: begins with the Services Tab
/notifs: begins with the Notifications Tab
/devices: begins with the Devices Tab
/about: begins with the About Tab

/r: reboots pocket pc without confirmation
/rq: ask confirmation before rebooting pocket pc
/tray: starts minimized to tray
/s: suspends pocket pc
/w: wakes the pocket pc if in suspend mode
/wl "xxx": wakes the pocket pc and launches program xxx
/wlq "xxx": wakes the pocket pc and ask confirmation before launching program xxx
/nr: reboots pocket pc at a specific time (a notification is created and every x hours, the pocket pc is rebooted.)
The syntax is /nr d:n with n= number of hours (eg.: /nr d:24)
/nd: removes notifications duplicates
/ns: removes SCRIPT:0x000 events
/nb: removes notifications duplicates and SCRIPT:0x000 events
/kill processname: kill a process given its name
/startsvc servicename: starts a service given its name (v2.8)
/stopsvc servicename: stops a service given its name (v2.8)
/u: used in conjonction with a .dll file in order to deregister it (v2.9)
/provxml filepath: install/process a provisionning xml file (v2.9)
/regxpkey [filepath] [[regkey]]: export registry key to file path, if no file path, default is created in \My Documents.[] are mandatory for regkey. ex.: /regxpkey \Storage Card\Regfile.reg [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FdcSoft] (v3.1)
/regxpall [filepath]: export all registry to filepath, if no filepath provided, a default one is created under My Documents (v2.9)
[filepath] /silent: used in conjonction with a .reg file or a .dll file, so no message box is shown (v2.9)

Download link for WM2003 devices

the Task Manager free for Pocket PC

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