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» TD2 Tools

Rating: 5/5
Summary: all in one hack pack for Touch Diamond 2

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Nov 25, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Tools, Diamond 2, tweak, mod, hacks

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» TD2 Tools Description
TD2 Tools brings a lot of HTC Touch Diamond 2 in a small little package. If you donít like to get your hands dirty with register edit in order to tweak your TD2 then this pocket pc software is for you. You can apply a lot of hacks just by selecting it from the list and hitting apply.

For Windows Mobile 6.1 Users, you can still get TD2 Tools (Release 2a) here.

the TD2 Tools free for Pocket PC

Made by: lyriquidperfection

» Comments

Wed-7-Nov at 4:10 pm
sven grasshoff wrote...
Sun-15-Aug at 6:01 am
angelo wrote...
Fri-26-Mar at 10:06 am
Lindsay wrote...
The pure doesn't have a goodvenpigh .net out of the box so click on the .net link above to get a newer one.
Fri-19-Mar at 6:14 pm
buellsupertt wrote...
i downloaded td2 tools but when i try to run it, it says compact framework isnt compatible ...i have a brand new htc pure w/ windows mobile 6.5 any help ?
Thu-18-Feb at 11:28 pm
Symblex wrote...
Works great on my HTC Pure-love the rotate with TouchFlo. BTW what this app lacks BsB Tweaks has and vica-verca.
Fri-22-Jan at 11:48 am
A None Emmus wrote...
Also, HTC sounds like something one would contract after not using protection with a prostitute working dockside bars.
Fri-22-Jan at 11:43 am
A None Emmus wrote...
HTC blows. Name is too difficult to say. HTC is for nincompoops that don't know how to use linux and agree with everything Microsoft does. Tools like this wouldn't be necessary if Windows didn't suck so hard at being a mainstream OS, let alone a mobile device OS. DJyoSnow is right.
Tue-5-Jan at 9:37 am
Scot Chestnut wrote...
Nice to be able to tweak my new HTC Pure. Before this device, I used a Tilt (TyTn II) and the KaiserTweak program was invaluable. This one doesn't do nearly as much, but is still greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Wed-2-Dec at 3:42 am
@DJyoSNOW wrote...
Yeah just keep crying little baby girl. They probably didnt want to fix it because YOU BROKE IT YOURSELF. And Guarantees dont always cover user stupidity. And you sound like a a User who definately broke the phone himself. SO QQ
Thu-26-Nov at 9:41 pm
a92av wrote...
htc is a very reliable wm phone you got a lemon. about the app, it rocks

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