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» Terrestrica v2.3

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Terrestrica enables people and companies to create multimedia geolocation points and guides via Web application and to distribute that content to Mobile devices. New future in v2.2 Easily take GeoTagged Photos and Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Picasa ...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1 , 6.5

Arrived: Aug 10, 2009
Found under: gps, travel guide, location based service, geotagged photos, facebook, twitter, picasa

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» Terrestrica v2.3 Description
Terrestrica combine the Web, Mobile and GPS on innovative,cool and useful way, enabling users to create and manage creative geo-location content and also make revenue from it.The content is triggered by user location or by selecting the specific location on the map inside Terrestrica Mobile App. Terrestrica enables Advertisers to advertise on any available locations points entered by users. Revenue from advertising is sharing between geo-content owner (user) and Terrestrica.

Updates :
- Share your GeoTagged photos on Twitter.
- Share your GeoTagged photos on Picasa.
- New web app future! You can manage your photos on Terrestrica Web app. and send it to some popular services like Facebook, Twitter and Picasa. In order to use this feature, you need to login at Terrestrica and go to “My media” section.. There you will find “Add photos” button…
- There is also new possibility (in web app) to create New Location from your GeoTagged content
- minor bugs fixed

- Easily take GeoTagged Photos and Share it on Facebook Wall.
- Also, there is a new Facebook app.( ) called "Terrestrica GeoTagged Photo Album" which enables users to store their geotagged photos and view the photos of their friends on Facebook.
- minor bugs fixed

the Terrestrica v2.3 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-19-Sep at 10:15 pm
steven youngblood wrote...
i think i will like this new app
Sun-26-Jul at 1:46 pm
ahmmed wrote...
thank's for oll thinks
Sat-25-Jul at 12:14 pm
This looks too good to be true; but I've checked several reviews and they generally seem to be neutral to cautiously positive.
Sat-25-Jul at 3:41 am
mobiserver wrote...
have tested are fine
Tue-30-Jun at 4:07 pm
Dark wrote...
Installed it, for some reason it downloads the UI every time i start it. If it can't get a GPS location fix it will stall my HTC Touch Pro untill it finds a position. OK and X button are not working during this time. Terminate from taskmanager closed the UI, but the program keeps trying to get a location in the background, draining my battery fast!
Mon-22-Jun at 2:13 am
John Dick wrote...
I don't get it? Why would I want to download and install something whos only apparent purpose is to spam my cellphone with location based advertising? Don't I get enough annoying marketing crap without actually inviting it? Someone please explain to me exactly WHY I would possibly want to install this.
Sun-21-Jun at 2:52 pm
miha wrote...
this is great...
Sat-20-Jun at 1:38 pm
Johnatan wrote...
Web administration is great, I agree...
Sat-20-Jun at 11:45 am
Peter wrote...
cool :) instalation ok, i think i will love this app.. web administration is great also

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