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» Ticking Timer 2.20

Rating: 2/5
Summary: stop-watch and countdown timer with sound application

Windows Mobile 6 , 6.5

Arrived: Feb 1, 2010
Found under: time, stop-watch, sound, training, exam, teach, clock

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» Ticking Timer 2.20 Description
I developed very simple application - stop-watch with sound. The application provides sound every second. Version 2.10 includes countdown timer with alarm. The application is useful for creating nervous environment for some tasks with time limit. I think it should be very useful for exams - teachers, trainers, etc.

The Ticking Timer remembers the last settings of ticking and alarm sounds as well as last countdown timer/stop-watch mode found under Options menu.

For sound selections put *.wav files into folders other than system. Of course, for ticking sounds use *.wav files as short as possible.

In version 2.20 I changed colors and added taskbar icon for representing the ticktimer status when application is not active thanks to requests from users.

the Ticking Timer 2.20 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-30-Nov at 4:53 am
John wrote...
Like the app, as already mentioned sounds seem missing and prevent to sleep setting is reactivated after reset of device and restart of program. The consequence is that my display keeps running and that consumes more energy.
Sat-7-Aug at 11:14 am
peter vonk wrote...
great app. easy to use
Thu-6-May at 11:05 am
elyannos wrote...
looks like a nice program but sounds are not installed with the package! so you are prompted to find the missing sounds at start up. furthermore it accepts only wma and need them on the device (not the sd card)
Fri-5-Mar at 7:16 am
lightfoot wrote...
not working on Xda orbit or HTC hd2 keep getting errors don't bother to download
Mon-1-Feb at 8:18 am
ciapata wrote...
doesn't work on i780 at all timer display is messed up countdown timer is unadjustable sounds are missing it ticks every second and ou can't adjust the interval

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