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» Tipster v2.1

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Free tip and sales tax calculator

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Oct 19, 2009
Found under: Productivity, Calculators, Business, tips

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» Tipster v2.1 Description
Tipster v2.1 for Pocket PC

Free tip and sales tax calculator

Get Tipster - a tip and tax calculator that's fast, easy, and free!

Why use your calculator (or your brain) to figure out tips, when you can have Tipster? With just a few taps, you can:

* see your bill amount
* see the tip amount
* calculate the bill + tip total
* divide by the number of people
* view optional pre-tax tip calculation

on your screen at once. Change the tip percent or number of people with one tap.

the Tipster v2.1 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Ilium Software

» Comments

Wed-1-Sep at 11:45 pm
Shayne Rice wrote...
yup works well on my hd2
Fri-2-Jul at 12:34 am
Chris McOmber wrote...
great app for hd2.
Mon-3-May at 5:31 pm
Badereriano wrote...
Great App, I've always used it after having dinner with the group. Tip: We have PDA's. Would be neat if the Grand Total was BIGGER and maybe RED?
Sun-21-Feb at 10:46 am
Chris wrote...
Works on my Omnia. Nice app to have available.
Fri-7-Aug at 5:35 pm
Th Taxman cuckoo ka choo wrote...
It's free and it works. WTF else you want?
Sun-23-Mar at 10:25 am
Armandino Sousa wrote...
Nice application
Wed-30-Jan at 2:53 pm
superfry wrote...
it's a nice app if you have less than 11 peeps.
Tue-4-Dec at 6:28 am
budi wrote...
Good and Best Bill
Wed-7-Nov at 8:17 pm
maikol wrote...
good stuff
Tue-9-Oct at 12:00 pm
abhishek wrote...
free software for nokia n70

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