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» Titanium System Panel

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Basic system panel to show memory status for WM 6.5

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5

Arrived: May 25, 2009
Found under: utilities, system, memory, battery, unit, timer, today screen, plugin, wm65

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» Titanium System Panel Description
v2.2 So I was playing with this CHome stuff and decided to create a basic system panel to show memory status. Still working on it, but here is a preview of the work so far, in case anyone wants to continue developing it for their devices. As usual backup the *.cpr files just in case, and play with it if you want.

Titanium System Panel Features:

1. Shows RAM, STORAGE and SD CARD free available memory.
2. Updated every 10 seconds.
3. CAB Installation. (Thanks to AppStar for the Plugin Installer and showaco for CHome Editor!)
4. Pie Charts in Condensed Mode.
5. Floating Point data display.

Titanium System Panel Screenshots

Basic system panel to show memory status for WM 6.5 Basic system panel to show memory status for WM 6.5

Titanium System Panel Video Preview

the Titanium System Panel free for Pocket PC

Made by: dgaud007

» Comments

Sun-5-Dec at 12:52 pm
Pauwels wrote...
I tried this on my htc touch and my whole system crashed up so bad thing in htc touch 2 maybe a checkup of the programme code could help?? I had to hard reset my device!! watch out with this one. One person alarmed is worth two people! Better try metrix2 system doesn't crash with that one... Kind regards Wim
Thu-15-Apr at 7:33 pm
ayden wrote...
great app
Mon-29-Mar at 4:07 pm
Nagash wrote...
How to start???
Thu-26-Nov at 4:21 am
dayna1807 wrote...
I installed it but cannot open it! How to open the file???
Sun-9-Aug at 10:33 am
targo wrote...
Already install on my o2 flame with wm 6.5, my question is how make's it work ?
Mon-25-May at 9:39 pm
Mike G. wrote...
this works like a charm, but the only thing wrong is that it reads the memory card space as mb when it's gb. my 16gb sandisk memory card read as 16mb. Just a small typo. In my opinion, it would look nicer if the regular text specs. would be the main part showing instead of the pie charts.

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