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» TodayNotes

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Today screen plug-in which lets you list simple notes on your Home screen.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Apr 19, 2010
Found under: today, screen, plugin, Utilities, note, list

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» TodayNotes Description
TodayNotes lets you list and manage simple list of notes on your today screen. When you tap and hold a note you can "add", "modify" or delete it, if you just tap on it you can get the full note text ! Simple and easy to use, after installing, just go to Settings/Today/Items/ to enable/disable the plug-in on your today screen !

the TodayNotes free for Pocket PC

Made by: tmyt

» Comments

Sat-5-Nov at 5:43 am
heychou wrote...
Sun-30-Oct at 10:11 am
Luis Urena wrote...
Won't work on my HTC Touch2.....
Tue-22-Feb at 10:25 am
Hanhyunil wrote...
Mon-3-Jan at 12:16 am
klein wrote...
looking for it!
Tue-9-Nov at 8:41 pm
susan beyers wrote...
would not work on HD2
Mon-1-Nov at 4:49 pm
melissa pearson wrote...
great easy app. sometimes adds a note with all square boxes straight acros. hopefully a bug they wil fix soon but it is no biggie just one line. love this app easy for quick noes to self that I don't feel like adding to my regular task manager, like my daily to do list.
Mon-26-Jul at 5:11 am
Jonathan Marc Kelner wrote...
just the app i was looking for. one small issue that i hope might resolved in a newer version :-) i get a ficticious note of squares after a reset - easy to delete, but app would get 5* if issue was resolved. thx.
Thu-10-Jun at 10:25 pm
gaga wrote...
Tue-8-Jun at 4:49 pm
Marshall wrote...
Very good app! I was just going over all the things I need to do, little things, I thought 'I wonder if there is a way to put notes on my phone where I'll see it to remind me?'. Twenty second search and BANG! There it is!! Great job!!
Mon-10-May at 1:39 am
Sherif1228 wrote...
I hope it works.

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