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» TorchButton

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Make your phone light up using camera LED for flashlight

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Apr 29, 2009
Found under: torch, LED, light, button

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» TorchButton Description
TorchButton has 5 modes so far. Each one explained in short:

Simply enable the flashlight until the application is started again or the configurable timeout occurs (60 seconds by default). This mode can be used for a prolonged period. I have only tested it up to 5 minutes though.

The Bright mode is exactly the same as the Normal mode, with the only difference being that the LED is more bright. This mode is equal to the short moment when you make a photo with flashlight on. Note that this mode does stress the LED and should not be used for prolonged periods. I have used this up to a minute without problems.

The Blink mode turns the LED on and off in specific intervals that you can configure in the registry. An example of usage is the bike light.

This is extensive mode that supports sending custom morse code. The text to be sent via morse code signals can be configured in the registry. This defaults to "sos ", thus the SOS name for this mode. NOTE that the flashlight timeout does NOT interrupt a text. It checks if the timeout occurred when it starts over again and quits when it reached the timeout.

The Push-To-Torch mode. When your device has a key you can map to 'hold', you can use this feature to keep the light on as long as the key is pressed. The AT&T Fuze is one of those devices with a PTT button.


For more information and updates please follow this forum post

the TorchButton free for Pocket PC

Made by: NetRipper

» Comments

Fri-8-Oct at 2:45 am
juanlo wrote...
Sun-29-Aug at 11:23 pm
paresh wrote...
I have lost my camera support file so when ever I try to start my camera it show an errors enable to install camera I'm using htc p3400 Can any tell me were do I get camera setup file and how to install it on the phone plz some help it out
Wed-18-Aug at 2:33 pm
Mendy wrote...
awesome, thank u so much works awesome on htc fuze THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!
Wed-14-Jul at 5:02 pm
dukeofearl wrote...
does not find a DLL with my HD2. useless.
Thu-6-May at 11:40 am
Michael.Kyritsis wrote...
Doesn't work on my HP Voice Communicator either. App requirements should state it is for HTC only.
Wed-3-Feb at 12:18 am
michael wrote...
is not working on my HTC HD2
Wed-12-Aug at 12:36 pm
deva wrote...
very nice
Tue-2-Jun at 4:00 pm
biernes wrote...
is this the same as hTorch? i loved hTorch but eventually it burnt my X1's LED light. others reported the same. great app though
Mon-25-May at 6:38 pm
AREA-51 wrote...
wrote....its work for sony X1
Tue-5-May at 2:13 pm
Aamir Murad wrote...
May this work in my cingular 8125?

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