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» TouchWatch2

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Aug 26, 2009
Found under: timer, watch, countdown, touch, finger

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» TouchWatch2 Description
TouchWatch is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers. Set an description and a time (hh:mm:ss) and stop/start/reset timer with your fingers only. No need to use the stylus pen.

Touch the timer ones will start it. Touch it twice will stop it. Tap&Hold the timer will reset it. Needs no more explanation. The app is self explaining.

* up to 6 timers or stopwatches
* works with all screen resolutions (VGA,QVGA,WVGA etc.)
* multilanguage (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dansk, French).
* landscape support
* d-pad support
* use your own notifications sounds (WAV only)

TouchWatch Screenshots

This is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers. This is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers.

TouchWatch2 Video Preview

For more information please visit this forum post

the TouchWatch2 free for Pocket PC

Made by: lopez1_de

» Comments

Tue-21-Feb at 11:56 pm
antonio chang wrote...
Sat-3-Jul at 1:47 am
Ng Leo wrote...
very good
Sun-9-May at 4:39 am
RobWu wrote...
Not sure if this is a coincidence, but every time I use this, I get bitten by the SMS bug on the HD2. As long as I don't use this app , SMS is just fine. But like I said, it might be a fluke and nothing to do with this app.
Sun-11-Apr at 1:51 pm
Kaaron wrote...
Excellent app, works very well on HD2.
Mon-5-Apr at 9:26 am
len wrote...
Does it work with HTC HD2? If not could you update? using W6.5. Thanks!
Mon-14-Dec at 12:53 am
vulpinevixen221 wrote...
Each timer spot has an alarm that sounds only ONCE. Once it is used, it won't sound again ever. Even if you delete that alarm and set a new one, it won't work. No good.
Sun-29-Nov at 9:10 am
andy_p wrote...
pretty, but prevents 3d graphics games from running (xtract, experiment 13) until I uninstalled it (on Xperia X1). I use SimpTimer now.
Thu-3-Sep at 4:40 am
J. Brad Harris wrote...
Accuracy is completely unpredictable on Samsung Omnia sch-910. Starting a stopwatch from zero, the starting two more, I can watch the three stopwatches gradually get further and further from true time. After 5-10 minutes the stopwatch may be off by as much as 30 minutes! It seems to be worse when the screen darkens, and the more stopwatches running the quicker the time gets off.
Sun-30-Aug at 4:35 am
sunny wrote...
it good and fine
Wed-26-Aug at 2:41 pm
Hoffman07052 wrote...
Alarm doesn't sound. Yes, I made sure they were turned on. Even tried other WAV files. The clicking sound works when you press anything, but no alarm at the end of the countdown. Using a Samsung Omnia 910

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