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» Towers of Glennoi school edition

Rating: 4/5
Summary: The famous Tower of Hanoi game with brand new freatures, now FREE supports all resolutions

Arrived: Aug 12, 2010
Found under: games, game, fun, puzzle, towers of hanoi, free

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» Towers of Glennoi school edition Description;=player_embedded v4.0

The famous Tower of Hanoi game.

New Theme
Save your game
2 Game modes
Online Highscores
All Resolutions
If you like the game, please donate.

Check my website for further updates.

NOTE: Registration is FREE at

the Towers of Glennoi school edition free for Pocket PC

Made by: Glenn Devleeschouwer

» Comments

Sat-14-Jan at 3:48 am
dreko jukic wrote...
what is the key?
Fri-28-Jan at 8:28 pm
steve neshan wrote...
if the spam isnt from you then i apologize....
Thu-27-Jan at 1:49 am
Glenn Devleeschouwer wrote...
At first the game was for sale at the price of 1$. Registration through paypal and email. Now the game is for free and the registrationsystem is still there. That way I can send a news letter too (which happend once). Bot the email adresses are not used for any other purpose. Youre the first one who tells me I'm spamming, so maybe it's from an other source?
Wed-26-Jan at 11:15 am
steve neshan wrote...
i have 2 email accounts, one for normal email and a hotmail account for everything else. when registering your game i used my regular email address and not my "porn" address....why do you need email accounts for a game if you dont intend to use them?
Sun-23-Jan at 2:38 pm
Glenn Devleeschouwer wrote...
@steve nashan: maybe you shouldn't register on porn sites :-D
Thu-20-Jan at 11:37 pm
Thorbjorn wrote...
Agree Glenn - no more spam than usual over here either.
Thu-20-Jan at 7:04 am
Glenn Devleeschouwer wrote...
emails are not used for spam
Wed-19-Jan at 9:46 pm
steve neshan wrote...
after registering using my email address i started getting tons and tons of spam. unless you like having your phone blown up with junk mail dont download this program.
Sun-9-Jan at 3:53 am
Thorbjorn wrote...
Cool game! Very nicely done graphically and a really good game to waste away minutes when you're stuck waiting for something! :-) My phone (Samsung Omniapro) can't seem to locate the page with the online highscores but just might be something temporary. Good Work Glenn! :-)
Tue-28-Dec at 6:14 pm
Shane Gooseman wrote...
one of the greatest games ever! imho the online score should be "fixed", so that every player is only showen one time with his/her highest score! greez, shane gooseman

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