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» TProfiler

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Automatically, according to schedule switches device sound (available profiles - sounds on, sounds off, vibrate, volume low, medium, high, too high), wifi, bluetooth, phone mode and soft reset at selected hour and weekday. Simple application, doesn't occupy memory. Tested only on HTC HD2 but should work on any WM 5.0 device.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 VGA (Not tested yet), WVGA

Arrived: Feb 10, 2010
Found under: profiles, sounds, schedule, personal, tools, utilities, bluetooth, wifi, soft reset

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» TProfiler Description
Simple application, doesn't occupy memory. Tested only on HTC HD2. Just select required schedule and ensure that Enabled in Options menu is checked.

Version 1.20 changelog: 1. Added new profiles: WiFi on/off, Bluetooth (BT) on/off, Phone on/off. Added also Soft Reset. 2. Some minor changes.

Version 1.10 changelog: 1. Added half-hours (I think quarters are too much).
2. Hour format (24 or 12) is automatically changed depending on your regional settings.
3. I don't have VGA device, but I think now the screen is squeezed a bit so it can fit to VGA square screen. Please, try and tell me what happens.
4. Added sound profiles - low, medium, high and very high.
5. Number of settings increased from 4 to 9.

Automatically switches device sound mode (available profiles - sounds on, sounds off, vibrate) at selected hour and weekday. Simple application, doesn't occupy memory. Tested only on HTC HD2.

the TProfiler free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-22-Jan at 10:38 am
riow wrote...
volume level control doesn't work on my hd2
Mon-1-Aug at 12:37 pm
delaney wrote...
great on htc vogue.
Tue-7-Jun at 5:00 pm
dim wrote...
It doesn't work in my HTC HD2
Tue-7-Jun at 4:58 pm
dim wrote...
Tue-4-Jan at 10:33 am
aminmd1 wrote...
Installed on hd2 wm 6.5. Works fine for a day or 2, then stops working or one of the profiles works but not the others. Example: have the phone turn from mute to normal at 6:30 am. The first day or 2 ok, then stops turning the volume back up. Happens randomly with all functions. Have installed on two hd2 phones, behaved the same on both units.
Sat-27-Nov at 5:29 am
roberto yuste wrote...
it works perfectly. es ligero y consume poco
Sat-16-Oct at 12:53 am
Andrea wrote...
work perfectly on my hd2. after installation, do an error. but work.
Sun-5-Sep at 12:23 am
Antonis K. wrote...
best app for this job. easy
Tue-10-Aug at 2:35 am
Jimmy wrote...
tried on tp2, win6.5 stock rom. works great. much needed app, even basic nokia phone had this facility but windows was missing. can the icon be made more cool? :D it looks stretched in win6.5...and buttons are small, if more finger friendly wud be great. there is lot of empty space available on screen.
Fri-6-Aug at 10:05 pm
candice wrote...
where does the file go when i hit download i can't find it anywhere

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