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» TrackMyRun

Rating: 4/5
Summary: TrackMyRun is a simple GPS Run/Walk tracking application for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jan 30, 2009
Found under: GPS, track, run, walk

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» TrackMyRun Description
TrackMyRun is a simple GPS Run/Walk tracking application for Windows Mobile

With its nice and finger friendly interface TrackMyRun will give you the ability to record your footprints, calculate calories and pace.

For more information and updates please follow this forum post

Simple video demonstration

the TrackMyRun free for Pocket PC

Made by: gweedo767

» Comments

Tue-17-Mar at 9:39 am
farid wrote...
hey guys... im having problem downloading the file... they will ask for acct and password... wad shud i enter?
Fri-13-Mar at 6:23 pm
Jason H wrote...
Has anyone figured out how to get this to work on a Samsung Blackjack 2 with WinMo 6.1? I'd love to have this but it just won't run even with the .NET 3.5.
Fri-27-Feb at 10:44 am
Samm wrote...
How do you install .NET 3.5 to the cell phone using active sync on windows xp. I have HTC Touch Pro
Tue-24-Feb at 6:43 pm
Xander wrote...
Seems like a cool gadget for my htc touch cruise hope it will work properly on it. Why does everyone keep asking for the .NET 3.5 just type it in google and you wil get lots of links to it!! The firt link wil be microsofts page ^o)
Tue-24-Feb at 12:18 am
downloadlink wrote...
Here is the link to download .net compact framework: You have to install with active sync running (install on your PC).
Tue-17-Feb at 4:33 am
Jerry wrote...
How do you download NET 3.5. WHERE DO YOU DOWNLOAD IT FROM?? Cannot find NET 3.5 MOBILE AT MICROSOFT?? Why doesnt the develper respond back to these questions?? Give us a link??
Sun-15-Feb at 9:18 am
Gaston wrote...
Worked just fine on first time use. Now I get an IndexOutOfRangException on my Omnia. Am I doing something wrong?
Fri-13-Feb at 1:56 pm
highfly wrote...
Very cool! I was going to go out and buy a Garman watch type GPS to track my running (like my wife has). While this wont quite do all the tricks it will(like heart rate) it is a fantastic tool and will save you over $200.00. I've ran aps on my Diamond before so had all the necessary files. It loaded properly and has a cool little running shoe icon so is easy to find. It can be found in the programs menu and also added to the programs quick assess icon. Just remember to turn ON your Data connection in your comm manager or the GPS will not work/lock on. Props to a great program and the fact that it is free. I hope you get all the credit you deserve for this beautiful piece of software. Got to RUN :-)
Fri-13-Feb at 3:51 am
dave wrote...
i downloaded to program fine but it tells me I need a newer version of the microsoft .net compact framework. where can i get the newer version?
Wed-11-Feb at 12:34 pm
Richard Blake wrote...
Sounds like great software but does not work on my Htc Diamond keep getting Message text unavailable resource file Microsoft.VisualBasic resources not found. Yeah if anybody has this problem to then I recomend trying GPS PEDORUNNER works just as well just with out all the bugs and hassles.

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