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» trackr!

Rating: 4/5
Summary: trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Mar 18, 2009
Found under: GPS, tracking, navigation, distance, friends, location

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» trackr! Description

Use trackr! to let people know where you are and where you have been. All you need is the Internet, a GPS receiver and your mobile phone (or a mobile phone with an internal GPS receiver). Download the application to your mobile phone, create a friends list and let your friends know where you are! Nice and simple GPS tracking application!

Donít have a GPS receiver or a suitable mobile phone? Then use the trackr! website to find out where your friends are! With trackr! you can:

* share your current location and track history with your friends
* see on your mobile phone or on the trackr! website where your friends are
* view what tracks you or your friends have traveled: distance, average speed, etc.
* receive a warning when someone enters and/or leaves a certain area (geo-fencing)
* Put photos on the map next to your track exactly where you shot them.
* Automatically send updates to your Twitter and Hyves accounts as soon as you are online.
* include a map with your current position on your own website/blog
* use the Quick Access Code to immediately show others where you are at that moment
* trackr! is FREE for personal use

More about trackr! you can read here.

trackr! Screenshots

trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application trackr! is windows mobile GPS tracking application

Video Preview of trackr!

the trackr! free for Pocket PC

Made by: trackr!

» Comments

Mon-27-Sep at 11:29 am
santosh wrote...
.cab file is not installed in my htc TOUCH phone pls help me how to installed
Tue-19-Jan at 4:14 am
Jaakmae wrote...
This is actually really good stuff! Tried out few times now while skiing. Still one bug found - when tracking is on (+reporting data over cellular data conn.) and when someone gives me a call during travelling, the trackr stops sendig points to web server and does not resume any more... :( So I have to forward all my calls before using trackr.
Sun-16-Aug at 2:16 pm
Martin wrote...
Sounds really good but does it work on my HTC Touch Dual? I've got a Holux receiver. Can I track my friends without them knowing?
Tue-30-Jun at 9:02 pm
KR.Rajesh wrote...
Excellent Software
Wed-17-Jun at 9:40 am
hopalong wrote...
Do you have to have an internet package on your phone to use this... Can I use the GPS device on my phone to let friends track me and just follow them on my desktop?
Wed-3-Jun at 10:10 am
ChrisE wrote...
excellent application for pocket PC, works very well on Winmo5 and 6 devic\es
Sat-9-May at 6:56 am
jason ong wrote...
does this work with HTC-P3400 and samsung i607?
Sat-25-Apr at 12:11 am
Carl wrote...
Still haven't found anything better! Well done! 5/5
Thu-23-Apr at 11:39 pm
TheDeanoRama wrote...
Scamp, try running google maps in the background. I find that with the HTC Touch Pro that the GPS isnt persistant, but running something like google maps loads up the gps tracking.
Wed-22-Apr at 11:10 am
chris wrote...
does what it says on the tin. good work rates a 5

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