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» Trailcompanion

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Software to track your way while trekking

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Nov 1, 2009
Found under: gps, tracking, navigation, offroad, maps, kml, routes, trekking, walking

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» Trailcompanion Description
Trailcompanion is a software for gps-enabled windows mobile phones that allow you to track your way offroad.

Trailcompanion is designed with trekking in mind and will let you record your path, save waypoints, follow routes and exchange them with Google Earth and many others desktop software.

Trailcompanion aims to be lightweight, fast and battery-savy so you can easily enjoy a full day of trekking.

Trailcompanion Screenshots

Software to track your way offroad Software to track your way offroad

Software to track your way offroad Software to track your way offroad

the Trailcompanion free for Pocket PC

Made by: trailcompanion

» Comments

Fri-3-Sep at 6:28 am
kekoke wrote...
i hope this project isn't dead. Would like to use this software on samsung sgh i600, it has QVGA screen. I install without problems, when i want to run i get unexpected error and under details it begins with NotSupportedException... Any suggestions?
Thu-5-Aug at 6:31 am
Teus wrote...
This new version is a big improvement, as in an older version (1.94) any saved kml files would NOT open in Google Earth. And that was what it was for, mmmm?
Mon-2-Nov at 3:06 pm
adam wrote...
works much better with the new version. thanks for your help and the great program. just went on a little geocaching run to test it out and it led me right to the correct spot!
Mon-2-Nov at 2:02 pm
Mirko Crippa wrote...
adam: Please try the update version 1.98 and tell me if it get the fix
Mon-2-Nov at 12:59 pm
adam wrote...
Mirko, its a CDMA phone. you say you are using it on your TP just fine? also, i sent you an email before i say your replay on the comment page so disregard the email.
Sun-1-Nov at 9:37 pm
nirmaldube wrote...
I can't download
Fri-30-Oct at 7:36 pm
Stewy92 wrote...
Might be good if it had miles and mph.
Fri-30-Oct at 3:28 pm
Mirko Crippa wrote...
Adam: which locale is used on your phone? Maybe it is getting some wrong character on the textboxes. Regarding the gps issues on htc touch pro i'm using it right now and i'm having no problems. It is a CDMA or UMTS phone?
Fri-30-Oct at 9:36 am
Adam wrote...
im trying to use this on my touch pro. the program will load fine, but will not obtain a GPS signal, also, i can't enter lat, or long. correctly. it will not allow me to tab from one field to another after i enter any text.
Thu-29-Oct at 2:38 am
Mirko Crippa wrote...
Could you please send me the kml file that is giving the error so i can test and fix it?

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