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» Travelling Blogger

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Summary: Mobile blogging client for windows mobile pda phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jan 21, 2009
Found under: blogging, upload, pictures, videos, posts, social, travel, mobile blogging, client, ftp

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» Travelling Blogger Description

Mobile blogging client for windows mobile pda phones Mobile blogging client for windows mobile pda phones

TBlogger with a few basic needs in mind:

* The ability to take my blog with me.
* Editing and creation of posts (and pages in WordPress).
* Uploading of images and other files.
* Creation and management of categories.
* Off-line and on-line operation with easy synchronisation.
* Support of draft posts and pages synchronised to the server and published when complete.

I use a Windows Mobile phone with a built in camera, so I also wanted to be able to directly upload photos Iíd taken on it to my blog. The camera just saves photos in "my pictures" so this turned out to be quite easy.

Now Iíve mentioned before that I use WordPress for my blog. For this reason I decided to support the MetaWeblog API and also the WordPress API. This should let TBlogger to work with a fair number of blog packages out there and also allows me to create and manage WordPress pages. TBlogger supports the newMediaObject method of the MetaWeblog API which allows the uploading of images and other media to blogs. In addition to this, Iíve provided a full FTP client in TBlogger since not all blog software supports newMediaObject and those that do so are sometimes limited.

TBlogger uses a "smart synchronisation" method which allows it to keep a copy of one or more blogs on a mobile device whilst allowing changes to be sent and received from the server using the minimum of bandwidth. TBlogger operates disconnected. You just write your posts and when youíre ready click "synchronise"- it takes care of everything else including batched image upload and naming. This is all particularly useful if you have a 3G mobile phone and can upload from anywhere, but itís pretty good on an IPaq as well where you can synchronise through wireless or ActiveSync when you get back to base.

As well as creating new posts, TBlogger allows you to keep older posts in memory and edit them at any time. It even includes an undo feature allowing you to revert to the original post without contacting the server if you mess it up.

Now that TBlogger is finished, Iíve decided to distribute it so that anyone can use it. For this one Iím not going to publish the source code, but I am going to allow free use and sharing. Iíll be releasing TBlogger as an automated install and CAB download on this site very shortly. At the moment itís undergoing final testing and getting a help file so that folks know how to use it.

the Travelling Blogger free for Pocket PC

Made by: Darren Johnstone

» Comments

Wed-28-Jan at 2:24 pm
Sean wrote...
No Blogger support? No good for me :(
Thu-22-Jan at 5:25 am
Peter Murphy wrote...
I've been using it and there are a few bugs but it works great
Wed-21-Jan at 10:55 pm
Mike wrote...
Hi Darren - nice idea for a program. I tried to load it to my Omnia but it wouldn't load up (no errors - just failed to load up). not sure if it has something to do with our screen resolution (400x240). Cheers Mike

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