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» ugly people

Rating: 2/5
Summary: picture's of ugly people its jus the begin this is my first app ever so don't blame me for anything that happens but i'm sure nothing will happen i can't wait to read those bad reviews :D

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jun 23, 2010
Found under: fun, ugly, people, i, frame

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» ugly people Description
so what this app is is realy simple its just a app that shows pictures of ugly people -WARNING- this app is just in begining face not putch pic's are in sorry for that i dont know what too say for the rest i'm just a starting developer please leave me a review on what i can make better

the ugly people free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-22-Jun at 12:54 am
Eduardo wrote...
I assume ur attracted to these 'ugly' ppl if u decided to take time off ur life to make an app specificly for tha apperence of said uggos. Stupid app is stupid.
Wed-2-Mar at 4:09 pm
p henege wrote...
your gay
Tue-10-Aug at 3:38 pm
App maker wrote...
Hey ya mate good on ya I tried the app it dont have much but still u tried hard to make it up to here and for that I give you a big thanks and after that for people with crazy comments.. Gys he has putted in his paper that he is a starter so stop giving hard time the pour guy and let him develop his idea and learn how to make a good app for you busy people. with respects Mogambo Don
Fri-30-Jul at 8:28 pm
leeG wrote...
to be honest the app is pretty crap. but you tried so well done in dat aspect mate. keep tryin n u'll get there
Wed-28-Jul at 12:11 am
Abdi Khalifa wrote...
family album? not interested.
Mon-12-Jul at 5:10 pm
leng wrote...
pointless app..
Mon-12-Jul at 4:54 pm
STEVEN wrote...
crap dont dont download that waste of time..go find a girlfriend
Thu-1-Jul at 3:38 pm
Marco wrote...
useless, boring and done with feets
Thu-1-Jul at 1:32 am
radhouen wrote...
too bad
Wed-30-Jun at 9:42 am
randy scott wrote...
worthless app dont waste your time

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