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» uPod Silver:Windows Media Player Skin 2.0

Rating: 4/5
Summary: uPod Silver Skin is a cool Apple iPod look-like skin for Windows Media Player

PocketPC 2002 or WM2003/2003SE. Windows Media Player 8.5 and up. 40KB Internal or External memory space.

Arrived: Dec 8, 2004
Found under: Skins, Themes, Media Players

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» uPod Silver:Windows Media Player Skin 2.0 Description

uPod Sliver: Windows Media Player Skin

Don't have an Apple iPod yet? You can have one right on your PPC!

Already have an iPod? You can have one matching on your PPC too!

How cool is that!

The Apple iPod had been the best selling MP3 player before the debut of iPodMini, and it is the most sold MP3 player ever. Everybody loves it because of its cool design, and great sound quality. Now we Pocket PC owners can have our own iPod like Windows Media Player wherever we go. The uPod Silver Windows Media Player Skin keeps the cool style and color of an iPod MP3 player. This skin will guarantee your PPC's Windows Media Player a unique and cool new look, just like those attractive iPod MP3 players.

You don't need to pay several hundred dollars for an Apple iPod but
still can have your own uPod Silver wherever you go!

uPod Sliver Skin is a cool looking skin for Windows Media Player (comes with every Pocket PC). There is no new software to install. Just sync the skin files to your PPC and select iPod Silver skin with Skin Chooser inside of Windows Media Player.

uPod Silver Skin is compatible with most of Pocket PCs. Support Pocket PCs with 320x240 or 640x480 screens. 


  • Displays current status of WMP: playing/paused/stop/Buffering and etc.
  • Displays song title and artist according to WMA/MP3 tags
  • Scrolls current sound filename and bitrate when stopped (stop scrolling when playing)
  • Displays current track count, total track number and time played
  • Displays and adjusts volume and current position through trackbars
  • Large wheel buttons for stylus free operation
  • Compatible with Microsoft Voice Command
  • View video files full screen

Installation Guide

  • Unzip the skin file to your desktop PC (You need WinZip/WinRar or similar software installed if you are using Win2000 and older operation system)
  • Connect the Pocket PC with desktop PC through ActiveSync
  • Copy the skin files to your Pocket PC (internal or external storage)
  • Make sure the proper skin files (VGA for 640x480 screen while QVGA for 320x240 screen) are copied
  • Run Windows Media Player, use Skin Chooser menu (Tools->Settings->Skin Chooser) set Windows Media Player with a new cool looking skin: uPod_Silver (for QVGA) or uPod_Silver_TrueVGA (for VGA screen)

uPod Silver is FREE!

Versions History:

  • version 2.0 TRUE VGA screen (640x480, portrait only) support added on Dec. 9th 2004
  • version 1.6 full screen (for video play) icon added, user's guide added in the readme file on June 17th 2004
  • version 1.5 repeat and shuffle features added, graph enhancement on June 16th 2004
  • version 1.3 WMP status display and current sound filename+bitrate scrolling feature added on June 14th 2004
  • version 1.2 some minor modification on readme and skin files on June 8th 2004
  • version 1.1 product name changed to uPod Silver on June 7th 2004
  • version 1.0 Initial release on June 4th 2004.

User Guide:

Please check the product page for user's guide at:


Any question related to this product, please email to:

Product Web:

the uPod Silver:Windows Media Player Skin 2.0 free for Pocket PC

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