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» Upvise Wikipedia

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Mobile formatted Wikipedia for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 2.0

Arrived: Jul 28, 2009
Found under: Misc, Science, Educational, Reference, wikipedia, rss, search

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» Upvise Wikipedia Description
Imagine having the entire knowledge of the largest collaborative encyclopedia in the world at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Just type in any word on your mobile and download instantly the entire Wikipedia article specially formatted for your mobile device. You can also bookmark any article to a create a list of favorites in your account.

Upvise Wikipedia Features

* Search: Type in a word and get the corresponding Wikipedia article with a table of contents and the full text of each section.
* Multi Language support: you can search the Wikipedia Database in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch
* My Articles: Star an article to save it and easily go back to all your starred articles.
* Web Account Synchronization of your Starred articles: All your starred articles are synchronized with your web account. You can manage and read them on your desktop as well.
* Hyperlinks: You can click on the links embedded in articles to download other articles.
* Bandwith optimization: All article downloads are compressed in order to optimize your bandwidth usage
* Optimal reading experience: Choose between 3 different font sizes, and use page by page formatting for an optimal reading experience

Upvise Wikipedia Screenshots

Upvise Wikipedia Screenshot

Mobile formatted Wikipedia for Windows Mobile Mobile formatted Wikipedia for Windows Mobile

the Upvise Wikipedia free for Pocket PC

Made by: Unyverse

» Comments

Sun-16-Oct at 9:22 am
polpol wrote...
Sat-6-Aug at 12:43 am
fisdd wrote...
Bullshit. Not free.Need a update, not work,deinstall.
Wed-15-Dec at 12:53 pm
Holger TrankjAEr wrote...
Feels like some kind of spyware. Just wants to install more crap right away.
Thu-9-Sep at 4:35 pm
veeory wrote...
i really love it. excelllent finger friendly interface and easy to use very intuitive indeed
Sun-1-Aug at 10:38 am
maan antonio wrote...
good. but it doesn't display images.
Fri-30-Jul at 8:20 am
Eugene wrote...
It works great on my T-Mobile Dash 3G. It is faster and more convenient than direct access to Wikipedia through, and it allows storing selected Wikipedia articles locally on your phone. The Wikipeida access through Upvise is completely free. While Upvise offers additional (unrelated) services for a fee, you do not have to buy them.
Tue-13-Jul at 12:37 pm
gasser dieter wrote...
Sun-20-Jun at 5:22 am
gags wrote...
its fake.......its not free.....
Tue-1-Jun at 3:04 pm
Axel wrote...
Fri-2-Apr at 3:05 pm
carol wrote...
the update version is good. this is an excellent app. user-friendly n convenient!!!!!

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