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» uTask

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Reassignment of virtual keys

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5.3 or higher
.NET Compact Framework 3.5
only Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Any resolution is supported

Arrived: Dec 20, 2010
Found under: Tools, Keys, Organize, Virtual, Task Manager

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» uTask Description
Reassignment of virtual keys in Windows Mobile 6.5.3 or higher


1) Reassignment of virtual keys such as "Windows" and "X"
Supported actions:
Standard action
Launch *.exe
Minimize current program
Close current program

2) Task Manager icon on "Today" screen.
You can assign any task manager to this button. Later I will make my own interface.

Also there is a confurator inside.

the uTask free for Pocket PC

Made by: ultrashot

» Comments

Mon-21-Feb at 5:25 pm
saghi wrote...
no bad
Wed-29-Dec at 12:05 pm
JcJZA80 wrote...
Wed-22-Dec at 3:01 am
Pimlico wrote...
Works very well on HD2 (combined with Arkswitch) Exactly what I was looking for.
Sun-19-Dec at 9:20 pm
darren wrote...
damn whats the world coming to, people fighting in omarket just terrible......
Sat-18-Dec at 1:12 am
kreepa wrote...
n chris suks cock 4 ten dollaz n takes it in da ass 4 twenty
Sat-18-Dec at 1:10 am
kreepa wrote...
not very good on hd2
Sun-12-Dec at 5:57 pm
chris brewer wrote...
BITCH!! i do this because its funny
Sun-12-Dec at 1:04 pm
kernkraft wrote...
not working on htc hd2 :( programs are still minimalized on task mgr not closed
Wed-1-Dec at 10:36 pm
Michael Knight wrote...
I agree I hope that chris will one day find himself and realize he is more than the type of language he using. I have hope for this world.
Wed-1-Dec at 3:41 pm
German Isales wrote...
You know this is why our society is so week in the world today. The ignorance of using that ghetto language. Im preety sure he lives in the ghetto thou i know people that we're raised in the ghetto and yet are very polite people he comes from a big time dysfunctional no family values (LOW CLASS)

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