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» VAlert v1.21

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This small program allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Dec 24, 2008
Found under: vibrate, alert, utilities

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» VAlert v1.21 Description
Updated version 1.21

VAlert allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts. Windows based phones vibrate either before the ring or constantly during the ring. Having a short ringtone can possibly solve this problem, but with long mp3 ringtone the phone will constantly vibrate during the ring.

This program will enable Windows Mobile phones to produce short vibrations when the phone rings. Vibration patterns can be easily changed by the user. Possibly to match vibration patterns to the ringtone, so the phone will vibrate in a rhythm.

Very low (~4K) memory usage

How to use
1. Install the CAB
2. Soft reset the device or manually run Program filesVAlertVAlert.exe
3. The program is hidden by default. To display program window (if needed), run the program again
7. In Phone->Options make sure ring type is Vibrate and Ring
4. Edit script.txt to change vibration pattern. Every line in the file is a pair of vibration length and note pause
5. From the program window run Menu->Test to test the created pattern
6. Perform Menu->Hide to hide program window

What's new:
- More devices support, including non-HTC
- The installer executes the program upon installation (no soft reset required)
- No vibration on waiting call
- Support for incoming call ring mute (stop vibration)
- Silent start
- Even lower memory footprint - ~4K on standby (was 11K before)

For more information and updates please follow this forum post

the VAlert v1.21 free for Pocket PC

Made by: ochakov

» Comments

Sat-8-May at 1:10 am
Igoy wrote...
just install on my Gigabyte G-Smart i120 an its absolutely working.but i must sett the scrip to make a good rythm of vibration. thanx
Sun-7-Mar at 12:38 pm
Abhi wrote...
Could u plz do some thing to stop the vibration after we mute or face down the phone(Touch Pro 2)
Sun-14-Jun at 11:21 pm
J adams wrote...
Could someone give better instructions on how to use this?? How do I manually run the program??
Thu-9-Apr at 9:11 pm
ashley wrote...
I had this on my old htc mogul but now that I have a replacement I get an error msg when I try to download it. any ideas on how to get it back?
Wed-7-Jan at 1:59 pm
greywoolfe wrote...
Just installed it and it works great. Thanks.
Thu-1-Jan at 7:36 am
joe wrote...
hi all, fancy workaround for a common problem! It would be nicw if rhe author added g sensor check: if I turn around my touch hd it will stop ringing but not vibrating..... The mute by turning around setting is enabled via registry or advances config/whatever and is quite useful actually!
Wed-31-Dec at 5:57 pm
brian wrote...
Don't download for the HTC PPC6800. Even if you delete the program your phone will no longer ring...or at least that's my problem.
Thu-25-Dec at 9:56 am
Martoniki wrote...
My Tone is :) 500,300 100,500 100,500 100,500 100,500 100,500 100,1000
Wed-24-Dec at 10:58 am
mo7amed wrote...
Wed-24-Dec at 7:54 am
JHW549 wrote...
j dizzle, this was fixed in the latest release. I have been using and following this since it was first released on the XDA Developers forums. The new version works quite well and fixes all of the previous problems that I encountered.

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