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Rating: 5/5
Summary: VAXED is a good known PalmOS old blocks game that has roots in Puzznic. THis is a port for Windows Mobile with is quite interesting !

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: May 19, 2009
Found under: Games, board, puzzle

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» VAXED Description
VAXED is a good known PalmOS old blocks game that has roots in Puzznic. THis is a port for Windows Mobile with is quite interesting !

for more information and updates please visit the project web site
Build 423 with WM5/6 and PocketPC 2003 multi-resolution (QVGA/VGA/square) and mui support: I'm pleased to announce the new version with lots of improvements
- Almost all WM resolutions supported: QVGA/VGA portrait/landscape/square resolutions are now supported (except Options dialog which only display correctly in portrait mode)
- Multi language support: I added initially English and some limited translation to French and Turkish languages (help file is still in English), If you want Vexed in your own language, you can translate a plain rc text file and I'll be happy to compile and add resource dll to the next release
- Many bugs fixed

2008-06-19 mui problem reported by gundalbert is fixed, better screen layout on square and landscape resolutions, minor improvement for selection dot positioning
2008-06-18 Window layout bugs introduced with multi-resolution have been fixed
2008-06-17 Fixed level pack dialog bugs (level pack info does not display) reported by kandjar
2008-06-16 Fixed a small bug where next button on toolbar allows user to continue beyond the last solved level by quickly tapping on this button before it gets disabled. Now, game engine checks game options and do not allow going beyond when all levels is not checked.
2008-06-07 Fixed the "replayed level with a better score does not update total score" bug reported by mab1712. Fixed the "level pack change is not updated in the ini file" bug reported by multiple users: Rescue9, RaymondB
2008-06-01 Fixed a nasty old bug that blocks the game at the end of a level pack. Now it displays properly a message box then asks for a new level pack (was reported by multiple users: kinderenh, lover, mab1712, jem777)

- External blocksets: I added some sort of block skinning. There's a new 'Blocks' folder under Vexed install directory where I put external png images for blocksets. Some bitmap resolutions do not resize well in my experiments. Vexed will scan this folder to let you pick another one in options dialog. That means that, if you do not like the game resolution or brick colors, you may change it
- Smartphone version is still pending, I focused my effort on PPC stability, if there's an interest I may work on it.

Upgrading from a previous version: You must remove the old Vexed.ini file which is not compatible with build 423 (details are here)

the VAXED free for Pocket PC

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