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» Viigo

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Using Viigo, you have instant access to Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Markets, Blogs, or any RSS Feed you want, at the touch of a button.

Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6

Arrived: Apr 18, 2008
Found under: Misc, News, Reference, RSS, feed, aggregator, blog, internet

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» Viigo Description

Welcome to the fastest mobile internet experience on the planet! Viigo is a free mobile application, giving you instant access to Entertainment, Sports, Traffic Reports, Weather, Business, Blogs, RSS and Free Cool Services on your WM Smart Phone. Its simple one click functionality and rich search features empower you to search, consume, and discover whatever you want, whenever you want it. Optimally designed to reduce data costs, Viigo supports on-line and off-line viewing, and Active Syncing. Browse our mobile channel library (directly from your mobile) for one click access to content from over 3,000 of the internet's most popular websites, or use our rich search features to create your own customized search feeds.

Using Viigo, you have instant access to Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Markets, Blogs, or any RSS Feed you want, at the touch of a button on your Windows Mobile Smartphone device. Always live, always on, always available.

Local Events: Subscribe to events from wherever you live. Theatre, special interest groups, bands, and more.

Local Weather: Get local weatherówind, rain, sleet or snowóso you always know when to take your umbrella.

News: Get headlines from all over the world as events unfold, delivered directly to you no matter where you are.

Sports: Get the latest scores and news, or subscribe to your favourite team, from sports all over the planet.

Search channels: Set up channels to watch for information on the internet about topics that are important to you.

RSS and Atom: Subscribe to RSS feeds from anywhere on the internet.

Track Packages: Track your packages from the world's most popular mail and package carriers.

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the Viigo free for Pocket PC

Made by: virtualreach

» Comments

Tue-24-Aug at 1:03 am
Klaus Burton wrote...
works absolutely perfect on HTC touch pro . you can download the channel you want, it shows you the weather, local news, even the traffic jam. No complaint at all. No bugs and it's free. Great app.
Mon-7-Jun at 4:51 pm
John Lamming wrote...
I loved Viigo on my BlackBerry, and it was nice that when I downloaded Viigo on my Touch Pro2, all I had to do was sign in, and all my feeds reappeared. But I have two major gripeswith this versiion: #1: Podcasts just will not play, no matter what I do. #2: Whenever I leave the application and reopen it, it redownloads everything and marks all feed entries as unread, and I have to open them all up again and guess as to which ones I have read before.
Fri-4-Jun at 10:00 am
speder marvin wrote...
is ok but spb is better
Fri-5-Feb at 12:12 am
Roberto Gomez Artavia wrote...
good good berry gooooood
Wed-27-Jan at 4:48 pm
Mr. Goood wrote...
Poor useability, lot of annoying channels. Avoid installing this application. On the oposite site is this the only free rss reader.
Fri-28-Aug at 8:16 pm
Max Abby wrote...
People should make the effort to reader the Viigo privacy policy carefully...
Fri-26-Dec at 3:18 am
manjul wrote...
Good application....usefull, but it cost lot of money, if we download all rss default channels
Tue-17-Jun at 5:38 am
realtebo wrote...
Very bad: require online account Doesn't work offline Doesn't handle categories or group or feeds Import from OPML only from a web address !!!
Sat-19-Apr at 7:38 pm
kezeli wrote...
Does is cost anyting to subscribe to the feeds etc.after downloading onto your smartphone etc.Thanks
Fri-18-Apr at 4:49 pm
mish wrote...
nice app! tons of things to look up. thanks!

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