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Rating: 4/5
Summary: Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Mar 31, 2010
Found under: Personal, Camera, Motion Detector, Motion, alerts

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» VIO Description
Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection

+ email/sms alert
+ save pictures
+ set your detection preferences
+ updates

How does it work ?

VIO uses the phone's camera to capture and detect any motion.

The comparison is done by analysing pictures square by square.
The size of the squares can be defined from VIO, it will allow you to adapt the sensitivity as you wish.

When motion is detected VIO will :

- send mails containing pictures to the email address you defined.
- send sms to alert you anywhere

Menu schema :


To send mails you need an email account configured in Windows Mobile first. Mails will be created in your "Send" folder, so it will be sent on next "Synchronize".

You can define mail's subject and how many pictures you want to be attached.

Note that you have two ways to automatically synchronize :

- set "Send/Receive scheduled" in Windows Mobile Messaging options for you email account
- set "Force synchronize" in "VIOGeneral" section.

Menu SMS

You can define one or two phone numbers, the sms's body and how many time between sms (to not consume your money each time a motion is detected).

Phone number must use complete format like +32xxxxxxxxxxxx


You can define square width, alert threshold and if you want to view squares in live mode.

Alert threshold trigger an alert when the number of squares defined is obtained. By using square width and alert threshold you can define the sensitivity for motion detection.

More options will come later.


You can define if you want to save pictures when motion is detected, where on your device and if you want any rotation or not.
Plus you can set "Force synchronise" and set resolution.

VIO Screenshots

Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection

Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection Use your Windows Mobile for Motion Detection

the VIO free for Pocket PC

Made by: vio-detection

» Comments

Sat-14-Jan at 4:32 am
ravert daniel wrote...
installed on device, not on sd. works on my hd2 looking later if e mails are send. fine: detects auto your mail account thks for the job
Wed-12-Oct at 1:23 am
mixmax wrote...
Sorry - not working on Gigabyte S 1205!
Sun-19-Jun at 12:33 am
Zunair Pasha Fayaz wrote...
nice app! installed on xperia's sd card, and when i tried running it, it just dosent run with no errors... i unistalled it and instelled on sd card it woked flawlessly! Thanks again!
Wed-16-Feb at 9:54 am
stivenkim wrote...
not working on HD2
Mon-29-Nov at 11:22 am
adrianto wrote...
not working..!
Sat-25-Sep at 2:32 pm
dumora wrote...
don't run
Sat-22-May at 8:02 pm
empirestate wrote...
i know nobody has one, but it works on the 8125. resolution issue is still there but amazing app with tons of potential! look forward to the next release!
Thu-6-May at 3:03 am
cripjoe wrote...
this is great! it works perfectly fine on my lg gm 750! thanks bro solution could be a bit better though ;)waiting for updates
Wed-5-May at 11:25 am
Leonardo wrote...
would be nice if works on hd2. tried card and main mem. dont work.
Sat-17-Apr at 4:58 pm
miachela9 wrote...
not working on htc hd2

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