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» VirtualGPS Lite

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Navigation without GPS for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

* Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
* Cell Editor

Arrived: Feb 26, 2009
Found under: gps, utilities, emulate, virtual, navigation, coordinates

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» VirtualGPS Lite Description

VirtualGPS is a free, small utility, which fully emulates GPS module and returns your location (by using cellular towers).

Accuracy of coordinates is about 200m in urban area and up to 5km in countryside. Screenshots are explaining how to use VirtualGPS with navigation software (e.g. "Google Maps").


You may say "Hey, google maps already has this feature!". Sure, but:

1. Google "my location" feature works only with google maps, while VirtualGPS works with any navigation software.
2. VirtualGPS supports wider range of devices because it uses 3 modes of getting cellular info instead of one like in google maps. (e.g. google maps does not work with IPAQ Voice Messenger, but this program does).
3. VirtualGPS can work in PDA without phone module, see AT mode.


1. Check the internet connection on your gadget.
2. Run VirtualGPS, wait about 1 minute until GPS: ON (or OFF in case of no reception) is shown.
3. Do not quit the program unless you need it.
4. Run navigation software. In the settings put GPS on COMx (Port is displayed on the main screen).
5. Now your gadget thinks it's connected to real GPS ;)


There are 3 modes of getting relevant info from cellular towers:

1. RIL mode. (implementation depends on manufacturer)

2. MEM mode. (memory reading for OMAP processors, does not work for UMTS).
Before start you can be asked about MCC and MNC values. These values can be found here.
E.g. for Germany MCC must be 262.

3. AT mode. (AT commands are used, can work as a linkage of simple mobile phone and PDA without phone module, both devices can be connected via bluetooth or IrDA).
Starting of this mode can take up to 3 minutes.


0, 0, 0, 0 or -1, -1, -1, -1 is showing on first line.
Current mode is not supported by this device.

1. Check an internet connection.
2. Position of current cell is missing in the database, change your location. Pro version may also help.

GPS: ON but navigation program can not connect to GPS.
Probably two navigation programs are trying to connect to the one port. Note, only one program can use simultaneously VirtualGPS.

If you still have problems, run VirtualGps for at least 2 minutes. Then press "Menu"->"Log"->"Save To File", quit and send log.txt to the contact email.

the VirtualGPS Lite free for Pocket PC

Made by: KamLex Software

» Comments

Sat-9-Oct at 7:36 am
PUPA wrote...
Thanx for this software.i was developing a program like this!!and suddenly i saw this app!Good job man
Mon-22-Feb at 9:28 am
David wrote...
I have installed but it only mark one place (18 kms away of my current position) and it never moves, why it happens?, please help me...thanks
Fri-4-Dec at 12:15 am
bvl702 wrote...
installed in my ipaq 512, it says "cannot create virtual port, please reboot device, Gps driver not supported, help readme for more info"
Fri-20-Mar at 7:33 pm
Gunner wrote...
2 GSM only Why do you think it doesn't work on CDMA phones?
Fri-20-Mar at 12:48 pm
Joey_K wrote...
It didn't work with my Omnia, and I had to hardreset my PDA, because it wasn't working after the uninstallation...
Thu-19-Mar at 9:01 pm
GSM only wrote...
This program works only on GSM phones. If you have a CDMA phone, sorry no luck
Wed-18-Mar at 1:21 am
Srini wrote...
works fine with HTC 3400, I love this utility and the concept is simple and effective. Use the MEM option for best position location, but not that accurate as compared to GPS enabled phones. I use google maps along with this software.
Tue-17-Mar at 4:44 pm
stan wrote...
works very well on t-mobile shadow 1
Mon-16-Mar at 11:50 am
Syaugi wrote...
not workin on O2 XDA Exec, must hard reset
Fri-13-Mar at 2:47 am
amr mahfouz wrote...
I give 3 of 5

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