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» VirusChaser

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Block the virus and prevent it from escaping in this windows mobile game

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Oct 8, 2008
Found under: games, virus, chase, logical

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» VirusChaser Description

VirusChaser is about preventing a virus from escaping !

Each turn, you can plot a single wall to try and block the virus, and it'll then move 1 tile towards the exit...

Each time you manage to capture it'll, you'll have to restart with 1 less wall at the beginning... How good a Virus Chaser can you get ?

Video Preview of VirusChaser

the VirusChaser free for Pocket PC

Made by: XFlib Games

» Comments

Tue-21-Jul at 2:48 am
indiesce wrote...
please tell me how to download this game. it always goes to download.php
Sun-12-Jul at 7:05 pm
rotceh7803 wrote...
Works fine on my Ipaq Hx2750 (Windows Mobile 4.21)
Sun-12-Apr at 7:38 am
Vincent wrote...
Its an awesome game,but it takes some trial and error to learn how to actually win it : *Hint* Its not about locking it in first,but seeing where it will go next,so that you can block it before it arrives :)
Thu-2-Apr at 3:01 pm
tmroper22 wrote...
This would be a fun game if it weren't so hard to actually win. I understand it's not supposed to be easy, but there should at least be a difficulty setting. Overall decent game and am going to keep it on my phone...for now:)
Sat-20-Dec at 8:46 am
wandre luis lucio wrote...
reall football gameloft
Sun-2-Nov at 11:08 am
A.G.Naga wrote...
I am too much happy to downloads this software
Tue-28-Oct at 2:52 pm
Someone wrote...
This game, while it sounds interesting, is rather frustrating. First, the walls are randomly distributed, so it is a game of luck rather than skill. Second, I CAN'T WIN! That is the biggest problem. However, other XFlib games are well worth your time.
Wed-15-Oct at 1:28 pm
Silvio Rostran wrote...
Nice game. keeps you thinking ahead. Thank you
Wed-8-Oct at 8:35 pm
NoyPi wrote...
Simple and Fun Game.....
Wed-8-Oct at 3:40 pm
Daniel S. wrote...
Cool the Game

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