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» VITO ButtonMapper freeware 2.0

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Assigns 2 actions to each button, enables application specific bindings, enables stylus tap emulation.

MIPS, ARM or XScale based PocketPC

Arrived: Apr 23, 2003
Found under: Enhancements, Utilities, Task Managers

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» VITO ButtonMapper freeware 2.0 Description
This is a freeware edition of VITO ButtonMapper. The number of application specific bindings is limited to 1. Get the full version for only $9.95 here.

VITO ButtonMapper extends hardware buttons capacity adding much more features than a standard mapping tool can provide. With this tremendous app you can assign 2 options to each hardware button binding them to programs and system tools or setting application specific bindings. Moreover, you can train ButtonMapper to perform toushscreen taps within your favourite applications like if you were using stylus. That allows to avoid annoying chores in many cases!

VITO ButtonMapper helps you to:

  • save your time and avoid routine stylus use;
  • protect touchscreen from scratches, dust and fingerprints;
  • ease your work and experience real joy operating your PocketPC.

2 items per button / programs and system tools

Generally there are only 5 buttons and a limited number of options available in standard mapping tool coming with your PocketPC. This makes you use stylus (or fingertip) everytime you need to launch programs with no buttons assigned. Using ButtonMapper you can assign 2 items to each button (single press and hold) that at least doubles amount of actions performed with them! In addition to programs you can launch system applets such as Backlight, Memory and Power settings, turn display ON/OFF, perform scrolling, call Start menu and Input panel.

application specific bindings

The majority of developers include their own mapping tools into programs but that limits you to pre-defined program options. VITO ButtonMapper dramatically extends buttons capacity providing application specific assignments. This means that you can have completely different assignment settings when a specific program is in use. For instance, you can set a button to launch a dictionary when you are in a text editor, and then use the same button to launch Tasks when Today is active. This option provides numerous variants of use that are limited only by your own fantasy!

stylus tap emulation

This great feature allows you to train ButtonMapper to perform stylus taps right on the touchscreen of your PocketPC! In learn mode the program records stylus tap and its coordinate on the touchscreen and assigns it to a hardware button. You can record either one tap or a sequence of taps using recording tool with step-by-step instructions. Stylus tap emulation is extremely helpful when used with application specific bindings. For example, you can enter program menu and navigate in it without stylus using just keypad and Action!

Please, refer to printable user manual for step-by-step instructions.

"...the ability to have application specific button mapping
as well as stylus tap emulation is definitely worth the money."

- Jenneth Orantia,

the VITO ButtonMapper freeware 2.0 free for Pocket PC

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