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» VoipCall v0.1

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Application for placing VoIP calls from your Windows Mobile Pocket PC

- Windows Mobile Pocket PC
- .NET CF v2.0

Arrived: Mar 20, 2008
Found under: voip, call, phone, internet, communication

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» VoipCall v0.1 Description
VoipCall v0.1 VoipCall v0.1

VoipCall v0.1

VoipCall is a similar program like VoipSMS, instead this one if for calling someone.


In order to use VoipCall, it's important to configure it first.

Go to options and set the following values on the first tab (Application Settings). Pause sign: p (lowercase, this is default, however unlikely your phone might have a different sign).

Default country code: this is a digit code which will be used when no country code is set.. For The Netherlands it's 0031. For Germany 0049 etc.

Use '#' Sign: set to true.This will add an '#' sign to the end of the number to call. This is needed by VoipBuster.

Accounts (second tab):

Add a new account by tap and hold on the list of accounts. Enter a friendly name and the number.
The number can be retrieved over here:
(Login first and then go to : 'Make VOIP calls from your fixed/mobile phone)
Select your country and a city. The number displayed must be filled in on the VoipCall settings).


Now you can use VoipCall ;-)
Just select a contact or type a number in the textbox at the top. and press the call button.
Have fun!

the VoipCall v0.1 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Rhapsody

» Comments

Tue-6-Jul at 6:40 pm
msia005 wrote...
Sat-3-Apr at 1:26 pm
isaq wrote...
can't creat account[s]need help....
Mon-29-Mar at 1:57 pm
isaq wrote...
how 2 create account [s] need help......
Wed-17-Mar at 1:06 pm
sandyalexie wrote...
Sat-6-Mar at 7:39 am
noky scania wrote...
its good for us saving our pennies to make international call as free of charge
Tue-15-Dec at 4:58 am
umar wrote...
I have installed the software...... but i cant make account as the site mentioned is not opening.... Does anyone knows what voip number should i use when using this software in Pakistan
Sat-21-Nov at 1:53 am
John wrote...
They have a smartphone application (.cab) for download here:
Sat-21-Nov at 1:45 am
John wrote...
This application doesn't work. You can enter data in the "common" fields (see screen shots) however there is no way to enter your registered user account name information in the "Account(s)" field. The software only provides a pull down menu called "Default" at the top of the Accounts section which one would presume to be the field you would enter your user name information but it doesn't let you input any data into this field. Equipment here: Pocket PC / Verizon Phone Windows Mobile 5 Microsoft .NET 3.5 CE
Tue-8-Sep at 1:35 pm
alar.666 wrote...
voip ok.thanks
Tue-30-Dec at 6:35 am
shafik wrote...
vry nice

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