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» Voyager

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Voyager is a file explorer for Pocket PC's with some additional features than the standard file explorer.

PPC2002, WM2003, WM2005, WM6, WM6.1 and WM6.5

Arrived: Mar 1, 2010
Found under: file explorer, execute with, attribte column, file, icons, encryption, decryption, storage card, memory, security

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» Voyager Description
Voyager is based on .NET technology. So you need to install the .NET Compact Framework (CF) if you are not using Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) or later. Newer devices have the CF framework already installed and you just need to install Voyager. Voyager 3.1 works with PPC2002, WM2003, WM2005, WM6, WM6.1 and WM6.5!

the Voyager free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-21-Jan at 2:04 pm
martinyk wrote...
unable to send a file i.e. bluetooth
Sat-26-Jun at 8:56 am
hfrmobile wrote...
@all: Thanks for rating! @windy: Behavior is like a standard ListView control: Use View|List mode OR SIP keyboard ctrl key for easier multiple selections @DavidDC: Which error message appeared? See also forum page of Voyager:
Fri-14-May at 6:45 am
DavidDC wrote...
Doesn't run (installation Error) on my HTC P3450 and HTC T7272. Both with Windows Mobile 6.5.3.
Tue-20-Apr at 12:50 am
windy wrote...
does any one know how to copy and past multiple files on htc hd2? when i tap and drag down on the files i want to copy and paste, the screen keeps scroll down rather than highlight the files like it supposed to. i notice only when i have less than 12 files on the screen (means the scroll thing is not on) then i can select multiple files to copy or delete at the same time. Please help.
Mon-1-Mar at 12:32 pm
ddasdsasad wrote...
Cool and small file explorer. A thousand times better than the default one
Mon-1-Mar at 7:49 am
Whizdakid wrote...
Both TC and Voyager look a little dull...I use Resco File Explorer and user friendly...
Wed-10-Feb at 12:20 am
hfrmobile wrote...
Ups ... I haven't seen that the discussion changed to TC ;-) It is the users's choice of course. It is correct that Voyager using CF. It is still using CF 1.0 and works for PPC2002 - WM6.5! New stable hot build can be found at The final release will be available soon.
Thu-21-Jan at 6:20 am
hfrmobile wrote...
The Beta was for WM5 but may also work on WM6.x! I recommend using 3.1-RC2 or above.
Tue-5-Jan at 4:18 pm
David B. wrote...
I thought the beta version was only for wm6.5? I'll go check later today.
Tue-5-Jan at 12:20 pm
Hard2Please wrote...
I'm using 2.52 beta 2 right now, and there have been even more enhancements -- I hardly thought that was possible. ;-) You might want to look at the posts in TC's official forum on a regular basis. There are more revisions being considered because of problems introduced by the latest versions of Windows Mobile; I'm still running WM5, so they don't affect me.

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