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» Vspainter LE

Rating: 3/5
Summary: advanced drawing tools using the last technologies of your portable windows mobile equipped with a stylus !

Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6

Arrived: Dec 18, 2009
Found under: Multimedia, Graphics, Utilities, paint, draw,

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» Vspainter LE Description
Vspainter has advanced drawing tools using the last technologies of your portable windows mobile equipped with a stylet. Draw, modify, and publish your creations easily using many creation tools. A good complement tool for your professional PC/Mac desktop software.

Vspainter is also able to create, store and view simultaneous creations.

* New Screen Distorsion - Manipulate your picture.
* Axis Tools - Duplicate quickly with the symetric X/Y tool or flip the screen in horizontal and vertical.
* Stamp Tools - Clone a part on the current page or in a other work pages.
* Colors Tools - Select or Manipulate colors.
* Multi pages workspace - Switch quickly between your creations.
* Finger Tools - Realistic and very usefull tools.
* Load and Save and manipulate your creation in JPEG Format.
* Zoom Windows - Create detailed artworks Zoom by 2x, 4x or 8x.
* Advanced Drawing tools - Use the advantage of the stylet. Draw anytime, anywhere.
* Full Screen Mode and Historical Undo.
* Devices Compatibilities - Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0, Phone Edition and Squared Screen Support.
* Advanced brush Tools - Draw using many different brush including Line, Circle anq square.
* Special Effect Brush Tools - Use special Brush Effect ( lightning, cloud, etc )
* and many others features.

the Vspainter LE free for Pocket PC

Made by: Virtual Spaghetti

» Comments

Sat-12-Mar at 2:35 am
C R wrote...
HTC HD2 T-Mobile; installed before, lost it on a hard reset, won't install now.
Tue-28-Dec at 11:57 am
filip wrote...
won't install on i900 omnia winmo 6.1
Sat-25-Dec at 4:52 pm
usman wa wrote...
ive the full version its amazing htc kaiser wm6.1
Fri-1-Oct at 11:18 pm
RadRat wrote...
about to download the app
Sat-28-Aug at 12:23 pm
Ann wrote...
These people are thieves. They put my order on hold, withdrew the money from my credit card and never acknowledged the order.
Thu-19-Aug at 6:36 am
MTM wrote...
Download full version:
Tue-3-Aug at 2:15 pm
Ben Taylor wrote...
wont install on my treo pro its a shame because it looks good application
Wed-28-Jul at 5:25 pm
King13 wrote...
It's not downloading on my Fuze P4600
Wed-23-Jun at 12:42 am
Cassie wrote...
Didnt Install on my htc hd2
Fri-28-May at 10:19 pm
murali wrote...
installation unsucessfull inmy htc touchelf

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