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» vTap v0.130

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Search, Browse and View Web Videos

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Dec 9, 2007
Found under: video, search, wiki, wikipedia

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» vTap v0.130 Description
vtap video player and wikipedia search

vTap service allows users to quickly and easily search, browse and view web videos available on the Internet. With the ever-increasing pool of available web video content, the primary challenge for mobile users is a streamlined means for finding the exact web video they want to see, when they want it, on the mobile platform of their choice. Searching and browsing video content is critically important for users of mobile devices because these devices do not have the full-sized keyboards or large displays associated with typical PC environments.

With vTap’s character-based incremental search, users begin receiving search results instantly, the moment they type the first character. The results are then refined as more characters are entered enabling users to find what they want without entering full keywords or phrases from constrained keypads. vTap also offers intuitive browsing support and dynamic clustering with hierarchical organization of search results for an effective browse experience.


By combining search and browse rather than treating them separately, vTap creates an incredibly intuitive method for discovering web videos. To ensure that users of the vTap service have access to the most current, timely, relevant web videos including long-tail content at their fingertips, Veveo maintains a comprehensive index of online web videos that is continually updated.

Here is a video demonstration of vTap

the vTap v0.130 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Veveo

» Comments

Tue-17-Aug at 3:48 pm
Milton D'Rozario wrote...
It's great freeware
Sun-5-Apr at 8:52 pm
Terry Washington wrote...
This is a truly excellent add-on program for pocket pcs (and pretty much all cell phones that use the windows mobile operating system), however, you may need to experiment with different vtap version releases to find the one that works best on your particular device. one thing i didn't like, is that just today, the already-installed and working groovily version of vtap (version 0143) cheerfully asked me if i wanted to upgrade to a newer version, so i chose to do so, and when the program restarted (after downloading and installing the new version over the old version), i only had one skin to choose from, versus about three in the previous version. aggravating. this might not be a big deal to some folks, but it bugs me enough, that i am now trying to find the .cab install file for the earlier version (again, 143), because it allowed you to use a dark skin, which i really liked, and which is easier on the eyes than the default 'snowman' skin in the new version (0175). also, i can't seem to find information on the vtap site about loading additional skins. anyone that can help me with this dilemma, kindly send a message to: otherwise, as i've already mentioned, vtap is a wonderful program, that gives you access to millions of web videos. have fun!
Sat-20-Sep at 12:11 pm
javie buckz wrote...
jus jav
Wed-10-Sep at 12:54 am
shawn wrote...
This program usually works excellent on my 8525. A great way to watch Youtube and other videos on devices such as mine that do not ship with by default the necessary flash players to view online videos.
Fri-15-Aug at 5:05 pm
tina wrote...
Why won't it work for my blackberry 8850?
Mon-23-Jun at 10:50 pm
crownadrian wrote...
it don't work for my t-mobile wing
Thu-3-Apr at 4:04 am
Phil wrote...
Upon a prompt, Idownloaded a new version today and now the video portion is blocked out. I can hear the audio but no video. How do I get the video back?
Thu-13-Mar at 6:15 pm
Kedavix wrote...
For all those needing a ppc version, try this url:
Thu-13-Mar at 4:53 am
OSCAR wrote...
better than TCPMC programme never lost server,,video quality depends on how people encode it so no complain,,it should have option .properties video resizeing,volume ,banwidth control tabs,,over all it is working fine on my T mobile Wing,T mobile MDA,T dash ,HTC,and all other WM5 pocket PC
Tue-18-Dec at 2:29 pm
mike wrote...
not suitable for pocket pc

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