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» Waquarium 1.13

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Virtual Friend and AQUARIUM Simulator, Cool and Funny game, Wallpaper ^o^. Play along months with your fishes, keep them happy, learn aquarium world, they will become bigger and get baby


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Arrived: Dec 2, 2004
Found under: Simulation, Strategy, Animated Themes

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» Waquarium 1.13 Description
WAQUARIUM : Aquarium Simulator with all settings : usefull to learn how to build one aquarium ! and a Virtual Friend : the inhabitants are very funny and like to be visited and play with you....they eat and will become bigger, they will get baby fishes if they are happy :-)
Use it as a Wallpaper screensaver ..... Scrolling text message can be customized
That's not an April Fish day joke ! Waquarium is back ! with new inhabitants ... ^o^

REVIEWS : are Welcome ^o^ WabyanKO Designs

Download SuperWaba Virtual Machine:

VERSIONS INFOS : Waquarium works on several OS
  • Palm OS
  • Pocket PC (hpc,ppc...) go to
  • Windows :desktop PC is available
  • NEW Mini version for Java phone :


  • You have to follow the water Quality, the graphical historic may help you. The settings such as Temperature, Pump/Bubble will modify the behaviour of the aquarium.
  • Water : You have to refresh water with Pure or Mineral Water (depending on parameters). Mineral will increase PH, GH, KH. Pure Water will decrease these values.
  • Temperature : Depends on Inhabitants. For Waquarium inhabitants value is +26 degree.
  • Oxygen : Oxygen will help for the biological cycle. Some Bacteria needs oxygens.
  • Bacteria : Bacteria number will increase if Aquarium settings are correct, they will help to reduce the quantity of Amonia / Nitrites / Nitrates.
  • Amonia : Value must be near to Zero mg/L, if not it will affect the fishes.
  • Nitrites : Is very Toxic !! Value must be under 0.20 mg/L, if not it will affect the fishes.
  • Nitrates : Value must be under 50 mg/L, if not it will affect the fishes.
  • You have to feed the fishes, if not they won't be happy, and the health will go down.
  • You have to visit the fish, play with them ( drag the pen in their faces, and see them smiling).
  • Baby : If the Waquarium inhabitants are happy, you may get some baby fishes !

  • the Waquarium 1.13 free for Pocket PC

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