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» WiFi Profiles

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Wifi Profiles for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 Professional. Highlighted features include create and apply wifi profile, apply profile without soft reset, automatic discovery of wlan adapter and more.

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Arrived: Mar 14, 2008
Found under: Communication, Wireless, Network, WiFi, manager, profiles

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» WiFi Profiles Description
Wifi Profiles for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 Professional.

Highlighted Features:

- Create and apply wifi profile.
- Apply profile without soft reset.
- Automatic discovery of wlan (wifi) adapter.
- Fast switch to DHCP settings from menu.
- Automatic turn off/on wifi adapter.
- Create new profile based on existing profile.

Known Issues:

- On some devices You must first turn on wifi "manually" from connection manager after soft reset (device driver is not loaded/activated). But process of applying profile still works correctly - only wifi is not turned on from WiFi Profiles application. Will be handled in new releases.

Planned Features:

- Outlook SMTP server switching.
- Location triggered switching.
- Today plugin.
- Finger friendly profile selection. Better UI for IP address, data validation. Progress info when applying profile.


- Download CAB (WifiProfilesInstall.CAB).
- Copy WifiProfilesInstall.CAB to Your device.
- Run WifiProfilesInstall.CAB.

the WiFi Profiles free for Pocket PC

Made by: René Stein

» Comments

Fri-22-Oct at 8:57 am
preet yadav wrote...
don't download on ppc
Sat-2-Jan at 11:26 am
Timatamelion wrote...
I haven't been able to use wifi at all on my HTC S710 (Vox) since I bought it. It had been refurbished by British Telecom and I hadn't been able to access power settings because of them so configure the problem. Changing the DHCP to "yes" though fixed the problem and I would highly reccomend this program to anyone with similar problems
Fri-23-Oct at 3:01 am
yura wrote...
Excellent! Elimated all the pain of switching WiFi profiles from home (DLink WiFi-router) to work (all Internet access via PC thru external proxy). Also allows setting up a profile to connect my PDA to the Internet via my PC thru an USB cable.
Sun-18-Oct at 11:24 pm
Rakic Dragomir wrote...
very good!
Mon-2-Feb at 11:03 am
Chad Smith wrote...
No option to set SID. No option to set encryption code. What's the purpose of this again?
Tue-18-Nov at 6:40 pm
howdyyall wrote...
and also, will i be charged anything extra from verizon by adding this application which opens up the internet?
Tue-18-Nov at 6:34 pm
howdyyall wrote...
is there any way that i can connect to the internet without having my motorola q plugged into the computer. (i don't have an internet plan on verizon)
Mon-13-Oct at 4:24 am
Matteo Riso wrote...
Great Tool. It surely needs a touch friendly UI and it would be a killer app!
Tue-2-Sep at 7:27 am
montasar wrote...
is here any program to help me to get wirlness in my htc dual ,thinks
Sat-30-Aug at 7:24 pm
italos wrote...
Hi i'm using a Mitac mio A501. Is it possible to install wifi? thx

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