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» WifiLocations

Rating: 3/5
Summary: automatically activate WiFi on wifi enabled devices at user-specified locations. You DON'T need GPS !

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: Communication, wifi, wireless, location

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» WifiLocations Description

WifiLocations is a simple program that will automatically activate WiFi on wifi enabled devices at user-specified locations. You DON'T need GPS ! You can add your current location (according to the nearest GSM/UMTS-cellsites {not supported in some zones of the world}) as a location where wifi will activated automatically. This is quite useful for people who want to activate voip over wifi when at a wifi internet network is available. You need to add the wifisettings yourself through WM5/6.

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- It will not start after installing the cab-file. You need to start it yourself.
- Before first use you need to add locations.

For more information please visit this forum post.

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the WifiLocations free for Pocket PC

Made by: snempaa

» Comments

Thu-29-Mar at 12:52 pm
bhupendra wrote...
this is so good but downloading verry slow.
Tue-27-Jul at 4:31 pm
Anatoly Kryukov wrote...
Works good on my Acer S200. To make it works fine, you must add all you cell ids to the list. Sometimes it need a time.
Tue-13-Apr at 1:19 pm
Thomas Friedrich wrote...
Works good on my Touch HD with WM6.5. Only one thing is missing: Turn on/off WLAN in certain time frames. I don't need WLAN at home in evenings or at night. I activate WLAN on my router from 9 am to 9 pm and I would like to be able to set this on my phone, too.
Mon-1-Feb at 8:53 am
Maik M. wrote...
das program funktioniert wunderbar nicht nur das man einstellen kann wo das wlan an oder aus istauch bluetooth geht dazu kann man noch einstellen wo das handy lautlos oder laut sein sollich finde es eine gute alternative zu G Profiel
Mon-16-Feb at 8:15 am
dave wrote...
Syed, yes wifi works on windows mobile 5.0.
Tue-20-Jan at 4:35 am
syed liaq mehdi wrote...
can wifi work's on window mobole 5.0 pocketpc
Sun-14-Dec at 7:26 pm
paul wrote...
this apps great ! sets ur wifi to turn on, on start up.. can be disabled to great app.
Fri-28-Nov at 12:51 am
rotcoddam wrote...
ALEX...i feel your pain! Just add a short-cut into the Windows/Start Menu directory. That should do the trick! Hope this helps!!
Wed-26-Nov at 12:59 pm
Noddy wrote...
Does not work with smartphone versions of WM
Wed-26-Nov at 9:34 am
Alex wrote...
it works great. although, it would be nice if it had a today plugin, so you can control wifi from the today screen.

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