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» WiMoSpeed

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Overclock your phone's CPU

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jul 18, 2011
Found under: Tools, CPU, Overclock, utilities

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» WiMoSpeed Description
WiMoSpeed lets you change the CPU-speed. In opposite to other tools, even to the predecessor OverClockTool (OCT), it manipulates the values WM uses for clock control. So it works reliable on battery and AC without any scripting or active components.

Overclock your phone CPU


- WiMoSpeed needs .NET CF 3.5
- Download and install the CAB
- Start WiMoSpeed.exe. If it reports that it cannot identify your ROM: read LIMITATIONS/PROBLEMS
- Select Speed
- Set Speed
- Exit WiMoSpeed.exe
- Your device still runs with speed you set

Auto start WiMoSpeed to desired speed:
Note: one advantage to installing WiMoSpeed to storage card is that if device ever won't boot at new speed, the card can be removed and the device will boot at original speed.
  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Ensure WinMoSpeed will function safely on your device at desired speed by using it for several days while setting the speed manually.
  2. Run WiMoSpeed, set to desired speed, click "create link with current settings". This will create a lnk file under the install directory, usually "/Program Files/WiMoSpeed" or "/Storage Card/Program Files/WiMoSpeed".
  3. Copy that lnk file to the "/Windows/Start Up" folder.
  4. Reboot device.
  5. Run WiMoSpeed to verify "current CPU speed" is correct.

I am working on this in my spare time, beside my job, my mate and some other interest. I own a Rhodium-device only, so I can not reproduce errors on other devices and debugging is very difficult and time-consuming. Be patient.

WiMoSpeed supports Qualcomm MSM7200 (and compatible) and is actually limited to ROMs of
!!! If you have a device listed above and WiMoSpeed could not identify your ROM please post here what part of your ROM WiMoSpeed couldn't identify (OEMXIP and / or RADIO-ROM) and include a download-link of your ROM (OS, RADIO) !!! Otherwise I will ignore your post. Thank you.

If you are going to report an error please include the ROM identification of WiMoSpeed shown in the GUI (e.g. OS "Rhod016", Radio "")


- Overclocking your cpu may damage your device.
- Before autostarting the app be sure that your device will not hang.
- backup is always recommended !!

the WiMoSpeed free for Pocket PC

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