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» Windows Mobile and CE iSCSI Initiator

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Summary: Access your PC hard drive remotely using your phone whenever you are!

* Any Windows CE Embedded 4.x to 7.x device based on ARM, x86 or MIPS architecture
* Any Windows Mobile 4.x to 6.x (7.x only available for BSP vendors) based on ARM architecture
* Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connection
* Network Adapter, such as described below:
o Wi-Fi
o Wired Ethernet
o 3G
o 4G

Arrived: Jul 12, 2011
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» Windows Mobile and CE iSCSI Initiator Description

KernSafe Free Windows Mobile and CE iSCSI Initiator enables connection to a computer that is running any iSCSI SAN like iStorage Server from any Windows CE based devices, such as: WinCE Embedded device and Windows Mobile, in order to connect to iSCSI Target storage over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. WinCE iSCSI Initiator can be used over existing wired and wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc.) networks to create storage area networks (SANs). That will help iSCSI Initiator device to expand their virtual storage without any additional hardware requirements which is a huge benefit for home and business solutions.

It can be installed on any Windows Embedded device or Windows Mobile phone. Upon installation, it can be connected to already existing iSCSI Targets. To increase security, using CHAP user authorization is preferred. With iStorage Server iSCSI SAN user can easily connect to image file or partition or even to a whole hard disk from server machine and use it just like locally attached hard disk. Copy, move, delete or access data without any limitations just like on a physical hard disk or external memory. It's available for download completely free of charge.

It can be used in many different ways:
* Access hard drive when you are not at home
* Copy data directly from mobile device to backup drive
* Automatically save pictures from your phone to your hard drive
* Easily share data with friends that have WinCE iSCSI Initiator installed
* Stream movies from your hard drive directly to your mobile device

Features of WinCE iSCSI Initiator:

* Connection to more than one iSCSI Target
* CHAP user authorization (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)
* Support of 3G/4G network
* High speed over Wi-Fi networks
* Connection live recovery - automatically recover network connection after network ready
* Clear menu
* Support many portals
* Memory Cache - WinCE iSCSI initiator enable local cache by using system memory
* Easy to use

To obtain more information about KernSafe WinCE iSCSI Initiator and download free version, please visit:

You may also choose to watch a video tutorial on how to use WinCE iSCSI Initiator for first time here:

the Windows Mobile and CE iSCSI Initiator free for Pocket PC

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