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» Windows Mobile Blacklist 1.5

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Reject undesidered calls with Blacklist Application and some another functions

Arrived: Apr 2, 2012
Found under: communication, phone, blacklist, reject, calls

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» Windows Mobile Blacklist 1.5 Description
26/03/2012 Stable version (i hope XD ) 1.5 Bugfix: - unknown rejected when anonymous enabled. - If viplist enabled then all call passed - Changed library control for address book (in some devices app don't start correctly) This is last release, after this software discontinued. But if you need support contact us windows phone section. This software not work in Windows Phone 7 or later. This is only for Windows Mobile 6.x series (HTC preferred) Functions: Blacklist for Windows Mobile allow to automatic reject annoying calls set by blacklist, time schedule (if you can't receive calls when working), for rejecting too calls by your ex girlfriend/boyfriend and rejecting automatically anonymous calls (phone number hidden) and unknown caller (phone not stored in address book). This app don't terminate connection, but only substitute you when if you want reject call. Note: when receiving call, smartphone make some time before appear caller id. Caller listen busy tone after 1/2 ring of free line. This effect not solveable because is time from network and phone. Network send free incoming tone when phone send digital code of presence in network. Little instructions: software is translated in 5 languages. Automatically if not found your language, english set by default. When first start automatic launch blacklist setting. Note: cell is needed to able received calls (not phone off) because application store setting for more sim cards and IMSI readed when start application. Note2: if you have redirection over voicemail if busy, also call rejected is redirected in voicemail because network see reject like busy. In main panel you can set main policy like blacklist options and viplist options. Code reject is little function for strange if you want to use phone like findperson. When roaming you can decide to reject calls from selected area prefix (when add desidered prefix). If Whitelist or blacklist or areacode list is empty you can't enable. You can also reject all calls except whitelist In options panel you can decide if reject or allow unknown and anonymous calls, change tray icon style, enable/disable autostart when power off/on or reboot you phone. In Lists panels you can add annoying numbers, whitelist numbers and desidered locked areacode. In schedule panel you can set some times for auto reject calls in two: antimeridian and pomeridian time. For example if you work 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00 you can set this time for autoreject calls. In this case if you set whitelist this received normally If you have call alert set, application don't support autoreject for second incoming call. For more questions visit my site: Now italian user guide available:
Italian User Guide Pdf English translation work in progress please be patient... for more info visit my site: Is Italian site but you can translate using google translation tools. For posting your question, help request and more visit

the Windows Mobile Blacklist 1.5 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-13-Nov at 12:06 pm
mpa wrote...
go it! Thanks anyway
Tue-13-Nov at 12:04 pm
mpa wrote...
Can't Download!!! Please HELP! =D
Sun-4-Nov at 4:44 am
Ali Elmali wrote...
i mean i needed an app like this. works great
Sun-4-Nov at 4:42 am
Ali Elmali wrote...
cool app...
Sat-9-Jun at 1:33 am
RDVN YKSDG wrote...
Wed-9-May at 6:22 am
Dr C A Anyaeji wrote...
absolute NUISANCE! blocks ALL calls, not just the blacklisted numbers. cannot access phonebook. don't waste your time with it on htc hd Dr Anyaeji
Wed-11-Apr at 2:06 am
bhagyaraj wrote...
windows mobile7.5
Tue-6-Sep at 5:55 pm
Software Magic wrote...
Nirav Kavishwer if number isn't in address book phone or sim you can add if received or if you know simply: if you have received unattended annoying call you can tap button with red phone ! icon for show number in textbox and retap this button for black or white list. If you don't receive call but want prevent block receiving and know number you can select textbox and tap keyboard symbol at bottom of screen for digit number. Tap button with red phone ! and you add number in black/white list. Thank for your suggest and feedback. In future i think to modify reject function reducing time and without modify ringer policy. This in 2.0. If some want to become beta tester sign in in my forum and send me a private email from my site or I need this devices for debugging: HTC HD2, HD Mini, Touch PRO, Samsung Omnia with WinMo 6.x (like i900). Original rom preferred only because cooked rom isn't 100% perfect (isn't perfect original) and I prefer testing my apps in original rom. Thanks for all
Sun-21-Aug at 7:16 pm
robbie ballinger wrote...
brilliant does exactly what it says on the tin, had a problem with the ex who kept calling me so simply just blocked her and then she started to call me off her moms phone so i just blocked the mom too .. now i have no problem :) thanx alot mate you did a excellent job with this app its very easy to use :)
Fri-19-Aug at 1:10 pm
Nirav Kavishwer wrote...
i think something is missing in this application. If you want to blacklist someone it needs to have in your phone/SIM memory than only you can reject, what i want is Ex. there is caller +912228889999...i do not want to have call from and and i want to insert this no. in the blacklist...there is no functionality available...correct me if i am wrong..

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