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Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Plays funny sounds for those special moments....

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 + .NET 3.5+

Arrived: Dec 12, 2009
Found under: game, fun, funny, fart, burp, vomit, joke, sound

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» WINSiCK Description
Yet another iPhone app port to Windows Mobile from Deadlamb Labs this program produces vomit, burping or the classic fart sound with a push of a button.... simply a must have!

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the WINSiCK free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-22-Apr at 12:57 pm
myles wrote...
the link is not working
Sat-12-Feb at 8:45 pm
Phillip Lion wrote...
never maked. the link keeps sending me to a dead end.
Wed-16-Dec at 7:28 pm
greg wrote...
are u ppl retarded? megaupload is one of the best uploading sites out there how do you not know how 2 use it... stupid ppl these days i feel sorry for the creator that has 2 get flamed just cause dumbazz ppl cant download shit
Wed-16-Dec at 2:09 pm
Jake_Da_Snake wrote...
Wow, nice a flame war on a freeware site. I kinda have to site with the developer here guys... Its HIS software. You dont have to download it. If you dont like how it is being offerd, dont download it!
Tue-15-Dec at 3:47 am
Christopher Chase wrote...
I've never heard such whiney people. I'm going to lay it out simple. I use MEGAUPLOAD to host my files. If your not computer savvy enough to enter 4 letters, click download and wait 20 seconds... well all I can say is beat the feet! But to be fair I will from now on post the DUMMY'S GUIDE for MEGAUPLOAD with every freeware.
Mon-14-Dec at 3:37 am
Christopher wrote...
Hello developer, based on your statement, that means there are many who will not be able to download the app but yet you still manage to get your points/fund in the end of the day. If thats your line of thought, sorry to say thats where the difference between good developers who think of contributing to the community while putting in their design thought, and those mediocre ones who are conservative as they only think of the returns. "Bearing that one will always be bless more when one give".
Mon-14-Dec at 2:11 am
David B. wrote...
Are you saying you expect to be compensated for making vomit and phart programs? I can do all that without the help of my phone :)
Sun-13-Dec at 3:25 pm
Christopher Chase wrote...
I am sorry is you are not happy with Megaupload but, I earn rewards points with every download. It is is a solution for those people who cannot donate. I still get something that way ;)
Sun-13-Dec at 8:19 am
Christopher wrote...
Downloading is shitty.....thru this Megaupload site. Take ages and yet still nothing on sight. Please dont make people's life difficult if there is sincerity to offer.
Sat-12-Dec at 12:33 pm
john wrote...
i like this its fun

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