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» WMStopWatch v2.1

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Multifunction app that acts as botha timer and a countdown clock with alert.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone

Arrived: Feb 14, 2008
Found under: clock, stopwatch, counter, timer

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» WMStopWatch v2.1 Description

In regular stopwatch mode WMStopWatch shows:
* the time you started counting
* the current time
* total elapsed time (running total)

With countdown mode enabled you can input any combination of hours, minutes and/or seconds. Once you start the countdown it displays the start time, the projected stop time, and the total time left. When the countdown reaches the projected stop time, you are alerted with a pop up and a tone.

Unless you stop the counter, it will continue counting. The "remaining time" display will turn into "Overage", and the tone will continue to sound every 2 seconds to alert you. Once stopped, the total time actually elapsed is displayed. (This is great if you need to know exactly how far you went over!)

The sound can be toggled on and off on the main screen so you can hush the alert at any time.

the WMStopWatch v2.1 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Jon Schweitzer

» Comments

Wed-3-Mar at 1:00 pm
Mike H wrote...
This is far and away the best (and probably the only useable) countdown timer on pocket pc freeware.
Tue-28-Jul at 11:12 am
Slik wrote...
This is everything you could ask for in a timer & stopwatch application. Simple start, stop, reset. If no countdown timer is specified then it just acts as a stopwatch. Sound options are perfect too! 5/5
Sun-1-Feb at 3:25 pm
Bill wrote...
Does this work on smartphone or only PPC?
Sun-14-Dec at 9:24 pm
Pancho Villa wrote...
What a waste of time. So much for freewarepocketpc.
Mon-25-Aug at 1:58 am
Mark wrote...
Download link is dead. Don't waste your time.
Tue-15-Jul at 12:06 pm
mmmmm wrote...
no good
Sat-17-May at 11:21 pm
Thu-15-May at 6:33 am
Ray Mansfield wrote...
Tue-29-Apr at 5:08 pm
rui nunes wrote...
kjjas jasd jasdf
Sun-2-Mar at 12:43 pm
anumalik wrote...
anu malik

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