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» WorldMate

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Get MobiMate WorldMate - The Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Travel

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Dec 20, 2007
Found under: travel, clocks, forecast, currency, converter

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» WorldMate Description
WorldMate travel software for Windows Mobile provides you with critical travel information when you need it the most. Get WorldMate for Windows Mobile free of charge.

WorldMate for Windows Mobile Professional Pocket PC provides a critical cross-section of travel services to business travelers at no cost, empowering them with comprehensive resources that provide more control when on the go. The application was also developed with new, enhanced graphics and a higher-quality user interface for improved ease-of-use. An ‘invite a friend’ feature was also integrated to facilitate the sharing of free downloads of the WorldMate application between co-workers and friends.

World Clocks

View 5 multiple world clocks featuring full time-zone coverage and automatic daylight savings time (DST) calculations.

Global Weather Forecasts

5-day forecasts provided for over 58,000 locations worldwide. Updated 4 times a day with accurate weather information wherever you are.

Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Service

An advanced currency converter coupled with an online exchange rate service. Supports 3 currencies concurrently, with rates provided for over 160 currencies. Includes an easy-to-use summation and side-by-side comparison features.

Clothing Size Converter

Clothing size conversion tables across 4 regions (US, UK, EU and Japan) and 6 clothing categories. Highly usable, they'll facilitate effective shopping abroad.

Size and Measurement Converters

A handy global conversion tool, the Size and Measurement Converters facilitate conversion of lengths, distances, weights, volumes, temperatures and pressure. Fast and accurate.

World Day/ Night Map

View current day/ night conditions on a dazzling world map. Includes a city locator and world clock display.

Tip Tax Calculator

Including tax & tip information for over 30 countries and across 7 service categories – from restaurants to taxis, the Global Tax and Tip calculator will help you figure out the bill, and prevent awkward situations.

Travel Itinerary Manager

Manages all details of your travel itineraries – from flights, hotels and car rentals to business meetings. Records all relevant details. Exports data to the device calendar. Provides on-the-spot information via the Quick View display and the handy event alarms, allowing you to always find out immediately where you need to get next. Enables itinerary exchange and desktop synchronization using the optional WorldMate Desktop Companion .

the WorldMate free for Pocket PC

Made by: MobiMate

» Comments

Thu-23-Sep at 4:02 am
bret99 wrote...
looks good programe
Sun-12-Sep at 11:52 am
Tony Vespoli wrote...
Very happy with this app on an older phone.
Fri-27-Aug at 10:37 am
ed bracey wrote...
look good
Fri-30-Apr at 9:17 pm
graphius wrote...
the application looks good, but it always gets the weather wrong. Maybe it is a conversion error from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but for some reason it gets the temperature about 15 too cold. It thinks it will snow instead of a nice spring shower...
Wed-10-Feb at 2:39 pm
Bob Kumagai wrote...
*CAUTION* Uninstall leaves you a nagging "Notification Error - Cannot execute\Program Files\WorldMate\WMScheduler.exe" Help msgs x2, SUPPORT WON'T RESPOND. Check-out more problems below.
Wed-3-Jun at 9:16 am
supachai wrote...
very nice program
Thu-25-Sep at 12:33 am
who care wrote...
I just did a research in Wikipedia for freeware. Freeware From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee.[1] Freeware is often made available in a binary-only, proprietary form, thus making it distinct from free software. Proprietary freeware allows authors to contribute something for the benefit of the community, while at the same time allowing them to retain control of the source code, future direction of development and preserve its business potential. Freeware is different from shareware, where the user is obliged to pay (e.g. after some trial period or for additional functionality). So... why stupid people still uploading shit that is NOT free? Any ways I don't really care, if I see any program here that i like it and is not free, i just go to my nice special tools and get the free full version. :)
Thu-14-Aug at 7:58 pm
ziushan wrote...
its cooool
Wed-18-Jun at 4:02 pm
asghar wrote...
Mon-16-Jun at 4:39 am
diteekorn wrote...

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