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» Wtec browser

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: a basic browser based on poket internet explorer Requires Compact Framework 3.5

Requires Compact Framework 3.5, minimum screen size: 240x240, 240x320, 320x240.

Arrived: Jul 7, 2011
Found under: browser internet web flash java 4shared

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» Wtec browser Description
A simple and fast browser for your Pocket PC This is the first beta of the browser, so do not hesitate to ask or criticize, to improve the application, this application is freeware and opensource anything send me an email to this browser is based on 6.0 poket ie, interface with large buttons and interface improvements facilitated the browsing experience, but is good at 240x320 on 240x240 is a bit small, supports Flash (with appropriate plugin installed) and downloads. Do not hesitate to send emails with doubts Requires Compact Framework 3.5 Enter "http://" before the sites get no errors while browsing, it is necessary during this beta I wish I got a comment on the application.

the Wtec browser free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-1-Nov at 4:28 pm
jaime sanchez wrote...
what downloads and plugins do i need to make flash work? im just trying it on now
Fri-29-Jul at 9:45 am
jonni vanzelatti wrote...
What is your phone? I can pass the model to optimize for your smartphone!
Fri-29-Jul at 1:11 am
Ravan wrote...
I decided to try it, hoping to resolve issues with other browsers. Having all necessary updates, I ran it. It didn't lock up, but phone all-around became slugging to any and navigation went to a crawl. I gave it a few chances by doing soft-resets; initial great start-ups to pages, but then back again to crawling or near-stop responses after a click or 2 through pages. I deleted it. Did a soft reset, and continued my search. Lots of great features in this browser, but not designed for my phone.
Thu-30-Jun at 3:50 pm
skeed taboody wrote...
im gonna try it!
Thu-30-Jun at 7:15 am
jonni vanzelatti wrote...
I wish I got a comment on the application.

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