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» XP Modification for Pocket PCs

Rating: 4/5
Summary: XP Modification for Pocket PCs is a tool that imitates the looks of Microsoft Windows XP on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. It lets you explore your file system and open different file formats using default programs as assigned in your device. It also provides the common file system operations like open with, copy, cut, paste, rename, new folder and provides properties just like the Windows XP. This version is a freeware.

.Net CF v3.5

Arrived: Mar 17, 2011
Found under: utilities, file, fun, windows, xp, customization

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» XP Modification for Pocket PCs Description
•Experience the look and feel of Windows XP on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC
•Browse your Pocket PC with Windows Explorer type interface
•Real like login and logoff screen
•Almost every dialog is a floating window
•Provides all common file operations
•Auto rotates screen orientation using G-sensor (if supported)
•Runs smoothly even on almost any low powered hardware
•Access menu bars like the way you do in Windows
•Left pane shows common tasks and details
•Displays time and battery status in the system tray
•Multiple windows can be opened and minimized at the same time
•Right Click anywhere on the screen to access additional options
•Runs on almost any screen resolution (larger than 640x480 is recommended)
•Shows Windows XP type icons
•Runs on all English ROM based Pocket PCs
•Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and later

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the XP Modification for Pocket PCs free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-26-Apr at 12:11 am
team.fluxion wrote...
@rayre: Contact us at and get your issue solved.
Fri-22-Apr at 10:47 am
dpsailo wrote...
It doesn't work properly in my Samsung Omnia. When browse to application and game, it cannot show the correct icon. Instead, it display improper icon with extension .lnk. Please team.fluxion, fixed this problem.
Mon-11-Apr at 8:57 pm
rayre wrote...
I still get the an error. Can you give me instructions?
Wed-16-Mar at 6:35 am
team.fluxion wrote...
It was a temporary problem which has been fixed in around 4 hours after the it started! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Tue-15-Mar at 8:59 am
pete wrote...
even the 4.0 listed on their site cannot be purchased as it leads to a error 404 page as of 3-15-11 morning.
Thu-3-Mar at 1:43 pm
amadi1002 wrote...
It's a great programm but in my desktop (320/240) it's very bad look
Wed-23-Feb at 9:00 am
team.fluxion wrote...
If the fonts are bigger, it won't fit on the PPC screen, or won't be Windows XP anymore. You may be knowing that the minimum screen resolution supported by the Windows XP is 640x480 and the font size you see in XP Mod is matched to the maximum size original Win XP can show, to keep the originality.
Tue-22-Feb at 12:57 pm
Vegetoast wrote...
I see its only $1 for the key. If there was options to customize size of the text's I would be interested and give you $10
Mon-21-Feb at 11:04 am
franco1961 wrote...
What You can say... But the 4.0 IS NOT FREE So You MUST remove!!!
Mon-21-Feb at 8:40 am
team.fluxion wrote...
We have replaced this payed version with the last freeware version here, but the update has not been reviewed still. You can even download the last freeware version from here:

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