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» Yahoo! Go v2.0

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Get Your Internet, your email, news, Flickr photos and more, to go with Yahoo! Go on your Windows Mobile phone.

Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6
240x320, 320x240 and 240x240 screen resolutions.

Arrived: Dec 1, 2007
Found under: Finance, Stock, Weather, Map, mail, utilities, internet, yahoo

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» Yahoo! Go v2.0 Description
the Yahoo! Go v2.0 free for Pocket PC

Yahoo Go 2.0 Yahoo Go 2.0

Yahoo! Go is optimized for the small screen of a mobile phone, making it easy and fun to access the Internet. Everything about the Yahoo! Go interface is designed to be both visually stunning and give you what you want with the fewest clicks possible.

At its core is the carousel, used to navigate intuitively among the various Yahoo! Go widgets: your own personal channels for email, local info & maps, news, sports, finance, entertainment, weather, Flickr photos and search. Simply use the carousel to scroll over to the widget you want. Since Yahoo! Go uses advanced caching and background loading technology, your widget content is automatically and continuously pushed to your phone, so it is always right there when you want it. You do not need to endure lengthy downloads or navigate loads of links to get to what you want.

All your Yahoo! emails, news, photos, and more on your phone, always up-to-date and ready for you.

Yahoo Go 2.0 Yahoo Go 2.0

Your world, now on your phone

Yahoo! Go truly brings the Internet to you. Unlike prior applications that attempt to force-feed a PC experience to your phone, Yahoo! Go has taken the Internet services you love and optimized them for the mobile experience.

So wherever you go, the information you rely on goes along, too. You can check your calendar or the weather, keep tabs on your teams, examine your stocks, and keep up with your favorite news sources, blogs and more from all across the Web. You can access all kinds of local news or get maps and directions to wherever you need to go.

Yahoo! Go knows what you like. The settings and content you selected in your Yahoo! account on your PC will automatically apply to your mobile experience - and vice-versa. If you’ve told Yahoo! which stocks to track, teams to follow, locations to remember, and that sort of thing, your phone will know all about it. All your personal info, including your contacts and email, remain in sync with your Yahoo! Web account. So even if you lose your phone, you won’t lose your data.

Yahoo Go 2.0 Yahoo Go 2.0

Open to the Internet

Yahoo! Go is all about you: your unique tastes, needs and interests. That’s why it lets you customize your experience with content from anywhere on the Web. Prefer to get your news from the BBC? Simply add its headlines to your News widget.

Yahoo! Go also makes it easy to get to other websites. Simply type in the name of a website you want to visit (like eBay), and oneSearch returns the link to the website. Click the link and you’re there.

The all-new Yahoo! oneSearch redefines mobile search to give you answers on the spot.

Yahoo Go 2.0 Yahoo Go 2.0

Mobile search redefined

Finally, mobile search that really works! Introducing Yahoo! oneSearch, a search experience that redefines search for the phone. It’s designed to give you instant answers—exactly what you need when you’re on the go. Yahoo! oneSearch understands the type of search you’re doing and optimises the results accordingly—so you get the answers you need instantly with just one click, right there on the page—all grouped by subject matter and relevance, so there’s no sea of links to wade through like with a PC search. It’s easy to read, scroll through, or drill down further if you want more details.

Moreover, oneSearch improves results based on both where you are in the application and where you are in the real world. For instance, launching a search for ‘eagles’ in Sports will return results for the professional football team first. Similarly, searching for a movie will yield showtimes in your area.

Even using oneSearch is a snap. There’s no need to navigate to a search box or even specify a category. Just start typing anywhere in Yahoo! Go. oneSearch even remembers your previous searches to speed things up.

Yahoo Go 2.0 Yahoo Go 2.0

the Yahoo! Go v2.0 free for Pocket PC

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