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» Yonomori

Rating: 2/5
Summary: What is your insomnia? Do not even do that. Would you like to know how far you take time to fall asleep in bed? Resolve such questions.

. Net Compact Framework 3.5 Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.5 (must have touch screen) QVGA screen size required.

Arrived: Jul 21, 2010
Found under: life, sleep, bed, time

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» Yonomori Description
Operation is simple. Calculated as the time to fall asleep while you hold the screen. Hands away from the screen will move freely asleep? Statistics screen, you know that was from when to when to hold the screen. In addition, they also show the average or total. For your sleeping comfort. If you donated, international money order is good.

the Yonomori free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Thu-22-Jul at 10:54 am
Gino wrote...
possibly the most pointless app ever.
Thu-22-Jul at 12:16 am
Speedy gonsalez wrote...
this is kinda lame better yet make an app. to count how many times you FART at nite :) lol
Wed-21-Jul at 1:04 pm
lolwut wrote...
what a piece of crap
Wed-21-Jul at 12:57 pm
vTurbo wrote...
Very interest idea, so I like it ! :) Works good on my "Omnia" wqvga.
Wed-21-Jul at 10:16 am
TekServer wrote...
So, you hold down a button, or hold a finger on the screen, until you fall asleep, whereupon your hand would automatically relax and release the phone? And then, if you toss and turn at night (which might be likely if you're trying to figure out how long it takes you to fall asleep), you wake up in the morning with your phone *somewhere*, maybe still in bed with you or maybe not. Don't get me wrong, this is an interesting idea, but I can definitely see potential risks to the phone ... still we appreciate the effort and the contribution to the freeware pool! :)

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