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» YouTubePlay

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Youtube Player allows you to search for and play videos in a nice Windows Mobile application, then plays the full FLV video (not minuscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player. Updated version ready for download

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
Found under: Multimedia, Video, search, youtube, players

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» YouTubePlay Description
Updated v1.0.0.11 ready for download ! YouTube Player is YouTube search/player application which featuring full FLV. Bit like the latest CorePlayer. There are separate apps to download videos from YouTube like TubeMate or Videoder It allows you to search for videos in a nice friendly Windows Mobile app and then plays the full FLV video (not miniscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player. The app is written in a mixture of .net and C so you need the .net runtime, v2. The video player overlay is hacked out of TCPMP and the FLV part is based on FFMPEG. Things planned: Support for YouTube logons, video uploads, user favorites and better caching/buffering. Things not planned: Other video sites. Known issues: - Square mode not quite right. - Other character sets (Chinese etc.) dont work apparently. - Close button sometimes takes a few pushes. Everybody should note that this application will eat bandwidth, no consideration has been made for data consumed, so Wifi/ActiveSync or unlimited 3g only, be prepared for a big data bill otherwise. Wont work well on GPRS anyway as FLV vids are quite sizeable. Update Description: v1.0.0.11 (24-11-2008): - New: Fully works on Pocket PC 2003 now, found the horrid bug that stopped it. - New: Will open and play VP6 (On2) FLV files, slow but should work. - New: Uses newer version of FFMPEG SVN from a few days ago. - Fix: Fullscreen should work if you start in landscape mode now. v1.0.0.10 (11-11-2008): - New: Added the facility to extract the audio as an MP3 from any saved FLV. - Fix: HTC Streaming Media option should now work again. - NOTE: I have now removed any efforts at getting this to work on devices with less than WM5, just wouldnt work. v1.0.0.9 updated 27/10/08: Fix - "Failed to get security cookie" message, this was caused by YouTube changes. I have now entirely changed the way this bit works so that it is more like the flash player and should be a bit more resiliant to changes. Fix - May work on Pocket PC 2003 devices again, please test. v1.0.0.8 updated 10/10/08, changes: Fix - -3 play error, which was caused by internal YouTube changes and some bad code! v1.0.0.7 (12-05-2008): - Fix: Crash when switching to play video (problem on Kaiser ROM "Mobile Vista v1.3" and maybe others). - New: Added AppToDate support - had to change download location to my server. - Fix: Can now reliably retrieve up to 50 results. - New: Reverted config and results forms back to non fullscreen to enable SIP and menu. - New: Hardware keys - dpad up/down = vol up/down, dpad right = ffwd, dpad left = back.

the YouTubePlay free for Pocket PC ()

Made by: milesmowbray

» Comments

Mon-21-Jan at 10:56 pm
miguel angel araujo1 wrote...
n me sirve esto
Tue-15-May at 1:25 pm
Lambert Lau Kwang Yong wrote...
security cookie
Mon-7-May at 3:50 pm
dankerr wrote...
crock of shit htc hd2!!
Sat-28-Apr at 6:50 pm
Ruben Brandsma wrote...
got this on htc compact 3 and the interface is weird and it freezes my device
Thu-15-Mar at 5:15 pm
kerry brent sims wrote...
It never worked for me, kept getting an error failed to load video.
Fri-9-Mar at 9:08 pm
ian wtf wrote...
i get the "failed to get cookie" error i read the description and it should be fixed
Thu-16-Feb at 1:35 pm
rasmasyean wrote...
Doesn't seem to work on Sprint Treo 800w. Gets search results but can't play with "Failed to play: -3".
Wed-9-Nov at 7:00 pm
Alvaro Lima wrote...
falha ao fazer play
Sat-22-Oct at 6:33 pm
foong ming wrote...
deep shitty crap cos it never works!
Tue-18-Oct at 6:39 am
Luizzz Alejandru wrote...
Installed on HTC TOUCH WM6 Professional. Doesn't Work. It gives you an error.

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