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» zaDesktop

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Windows Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) client for PocketPC

Windows Mobile Pocket PC
.Net Compact Framework 2.0

Arrived: Mar 27, 2008
Found under: remote, desktop, windows, client, terminal

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» zaDesktop Description
zaDesktop is a Windows Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) client for PocketPC, very simple and easy to use. Just enter the desired IP address, choose the operating system and login with your username and password ! zaDesktop need Compact Framework 2.0 or above and compatible with all devices with it.


the zaDesktop free for Pocket PC

Made by: zaTelnet

» Comments

Mon-1-Nov at 9:12 am
Marco wrote...
Great app. I hope what the other comments are saying about this being trialware isn't true. But for those that need to get the IP address of your computer just point your computer browser to
Mon-6-Sep at 3:54 am
mcflooz wrote...
Wed-8-Jul at 9:46 pm
Jeremy wrote...
This is TRIALware. Last time I checked, the site is called FREEware. Lame.
Thu-5-Feb at 12:55 am
jjfondev wrote...
i can conect but via lan.. How can i get vconnected via wifi? whats the url/ip i have to put?
Sun-4-Jan at 12:31 pm
monesh wrote...
isn't this supposed to be a freeware prog. why does it say. 'trial' expired - 2 months aftee use?
Thu-2-Oct at 3:13 pm
Paul Lemonidis wrote...
Shame Having logged on I cannot click on anything and if I do get the start menu up there is no way to select the options! the touchscreen plain doesn't work! about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
Thu-18-Sep at 4:09 am
Adrianto wrote...
it's nice .. i will try it
Mon-15-Sep at 3:45 pm
Dawuud wrote...
nice. someone should put up links to find your IP/URL fast
Wed-3-Sep at 3:02 pm
Eric G wrote...
Great App. My two glitches are that the soft-keyboard (which I'm glad works at all) comes up over top of the screen in an awkward way. The other issue is that it's using the old-world scroll-bar way of navigation.. I'd love the region browsing like in the new native app (that otherwise is quite rough)
Tue-2-Sep at 12:45 pm
Gavin wrote...
Is a timed trial not real freeware

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