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» Zensor2 v1.0.1

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Zensor2 is an application for automatically rotating your screen using HTC Touch Pro / HTC Touch Diamond's GSensor.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Sep 2, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, gsensor, accelerometer, control,

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» Zensor2 v1.0.1 Description
Zensor2 is an application for automatically rotating your screen using HTC Touch Pro / HTC Touch Diamond's GSensor.

Unlike most other applications, Zensor is written to only detect firm moves, skipping moves done by your mobile moving in your pocket or when walking.

In order to change orientation, first make sure you keep your HTC phone in a horizontal position (face up) and firmly move it to either landscape or portrait mode, to force a change.

In order to make Zensor learn a new application (and whether to rotate it or not), simply move the device firmly from a face up position to an upside down position.

the Zensor2 v1.0.1 free for Pocket PC

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» Comments

Fri-23-Apr at 1:47 am
prem wrote...
thanks for the program, I have installed on my HTC diamond 2 and i set it up but it does not work when i turn my scren, could any one please let me know what i need to do.
Tue-5-Jan at 2:54 pm
alex wrote...
i have trouble installing the program on to my phone i download it on my computer but no installation is asked please help
Wed-2-Dec at 12:29 pm
warbler wrote...
Works nicely on my HTC Diamond 2, but only for a couple of hours! It just stalls. Then I have to reactivate (= open) the program again....
Tue-1-Dec at 11:11 pm
Skia wrote...
Cool app!!! It kinda sucks that it actually has to run in the background. To bad it's not a plug-in or something. But thanx to the creator.
Mon-30-Nov at 4:46 pm
Ali wrote...
Well, its a nice application. It works well with my HTC HD2. What makes this rotaion software different from others is that it only rotate from a face down, say if you want to rotate your phone from portrait to landscape, and did it directly, nothing will happen, to do so, you have to go from a portrate to facedown mode, then to landscape and vise versa, which made me prefer the Gyrator2 where I want to do the procedure more quickly and I dont care if it was in my pocket or I was walking where it will be in stand by. Thanks for the software though :)
Sat-28-Nov at 11:49 am
kejas wrote...
works very nicely with HTC HD.
Tue-17-Nov at 2:46 pm
Tony wrote...
Nop, it did not work. unable to initialize HTC sensor
Thu-12-Nov at 6:32 am
Marco Barreto wrote...
Great app, works like a charm on the HTC Touch HD, Rom W6.5 Manila
Sun-1-Nov at 8:35 pm
Maharaj wrote...
Tue-20-Oct at 9:07 pm
jancy wrote...
works perfectly on my verizon touch pro :D

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