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Aedon WP7 Keyboard

Windows Phone 7 skin for wm6 keyboard
Arrived: Jul 27, 2011
Found under: keyboard, skin, wp7


Rating: 5/5
TodayXLive is a today screen plug-in look like windows phone 7.
Arrived: Jul 26, 2011
Found under: today, screen, interface, plugin, wp7

Icontact and Idialer WP7 Skins

Rating: 3/5
Two Intuitive Wp7 skins for Free and finger Friendly programs iContact And iDialer
Arrived: Dec 17, 2010
Found under: wp7, skins, contact, dialer, replacement, today, theme, black, blue

Metro Calculator

Simple Windows Phone 7 style calculator.
Arrived: Dec 14, 2010
Found under: calculator, wp7, metroUI

Windows Phone 7 Central App

Rating: 5/5
An application to list the latest Windows Phone 7 news and devices.
Arrived: Oct 2, 2010
Found under: misc, wp7, metro, information, news

Windows Phone 7 Dark WAD2

Rating: 4/5
A Windows Phone 7 WAD 2 Theme. Get the WP7 UI just like as you see on the net. I tried my best to make it similar. The picture you see is not real but it does look something like that =)
Arrived: Sep 15, 2010
Found under: qvga, themes, wad2, windows phone 7, wp7

Windows Phone 7 theme for WAD2

Rating: 4/5
Here is theme for WAD2 emulating the latest metro sense from windows phone 7...
Arrived: Apr 13, 2010
Found under: windows, phone, 7, theme, wvga, wad2, metro, ui

Windows Phone 7 Series Metro Iconset

Rating: 3/5
Got a Windows Mobile 6.5.x device? Like the new Windows Phone 7 Series Metro-Style? Then this is just for you!
Arrived: Mar 30, 2010
Found under: metro, icons, wp7s

Windows 7 Theme

Rating: 5/5
A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile
Arrived: Sep 29, 2009
Found under: themes, skin, windows 7, wisbar, desktop,

Windows Mobile 7 theme

Rating: 3/5
A today screen theme inspired by from the new version of Windows Mobile 7
Arrived: Apr 7, 2008
Found under: theme, skin, wm7, today screen
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