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SuperMarioBros Runner

Rating: 4/5
Play as SuperMarioBros runner exciting new runner game. The controls are simple ,tap anywhere on the screen to make SuperMario jump. As Mario runs jump to collect coins, stomp on goombas and turtles.
Arrived: Sep 6, 2013
Found under: action, adventure, arcade, fun, games, mario,


Rating: 4/5
Play as SuperMario fight your way through multiple levels,grassland,iceland,pipeworld,and bowsers castle.VGA only.
Arrived: Apr 23, 2010
Found under: games, fun, action, arcade, adventure, mario,

Angry Birds Adventure

Rating: 3/5
In this side-scrolling action game you play as the Red Bird. Collect the black and white birds and avoid the pigs. If you can collect 100 birds , you will see a happy ending.
Arrived: Apr 24, 2011
Found under: action, adventure, fun, games, arcade,


Rating: 3/5
Play as supermario in a doodle jump type game very fun and addictive game.
Arrived: Jul 29, 2010
Found under: fun, action, adventure, arcade, mario, games,

Dead Space Survivor

Rating: 4/5
Play the popular dead space game on your WVGA device. Trapped in a space station you have to survive until help comes. Move left or right and fire your gun at incoming enemies. Also you have achivements ranks , start off as a novice and progress to killer,warrrior, or grand title of well you got to find out
Arrived: Jan 31, 2011
Found under: shooter, arcade, action, adventure,


Rating: 3/5
Play as Mario in his Kart , avoiding rocks and collecting stars for bonus points. A very simple fun game , plus highscore save.
Arrived: Sep 24, 2010
Found under: mario, fun, games, action, adventure, arcade,

God of War Adventure Lite

Rating: 3/5
Sword swinging Hack and slash 1 level demo game. WVGA devices
Arrived: Jun 6, 2010
Found under: fun, games, action, adventure, arcade,

supermariobros. gun2

Rating: 3/5
Mario has declared war on the goombas , play as mario with machine gun shooting down any goombas in his way.
Arrived: Feb 1, 2010
Found under: mario pocket pc, super mario bros, arcade, action, fun, games, adventure, mario,

Space Trader v1.1b

Rating: 5/5
Space Trader is a complex space trading strategy game in which the player travels through the galaxy trying to amass enough money to buy his own moon. Earning money is easiest as a trader...
Arrived: Dec 12, 2005
Found under: Games, Adventure


Rating: 4/5
SuperMario is tired of playing with goombas and koopas. Now he is packing a big huge long gun. windows mobile 6.1 and 6.5 compatible
Arrived: May 25, 2010
Found under: game, arcade, mario, fun, adventure, action, shooting,
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